Travelers gather in California in large numbers every year to crusade this state’s limitless possibilities. California's peculiarity is its ubiquity in terms of tourism, attractions, food, places, fancy resorts, beaches, lively cities, and much more. While you are in California, and no matter what your location is, whether it is north or south, California always blesses you with things to thrill you. Lakes, volcanoes, beaches, deserts, mountains, and forests, the state has such rich diversity and is so diverse that travelers of all age groups travel to California.

Asides, California is interwoven with multicultural communities transmitting beyond America, making the state a temperamental lover that instantly changes shade. It has roots in Spain, Asia, Mexico, and the eastern United States and has a lit-up ethos.

Hispanic culture contributed largely here, along with the Spanish and each place you visit in California is like fresh air for your eye frame. Let's not dwell more and straight go into the 10 things to do in California.


List of 10 Things To Do in California 


Hollywood Sign

Spelled in gigantic 45 ft tall white capital letters, it is a well-known American landmark and is quite a famous site in American movies and popular culture. The Hollywood sign is stored upon Mountain Lee peak in Santa Monica Mountains and travelers come in large numbers every year here just to take a selfie with the Hollywood sign or click the view.

Hollywood Sign is surely one of the 10 things to do in California and can be taken upon through the hiking trail from the Bronson Canyon entrance to Griffith Park. Sophisticated people can reach through the air-conditioned elevator near the observatory tower cliffs. Outdoor buffs can hike a trail near the lake Hollywood Reservoir and relish the scenic slants. 


17-Mile Drive

While you are exploring California and you have not taken the 17-mile drive it is hard to go by. The 17-mile drive is located around the stretch of the Monterey Bay coastline. It is a cache of picture-perfect scenic views, perfectly curved roads, and an amazing road trip rolled down window putting the traveler's mood on cloud nine.

The 17mile stretch starts with the pebble beach, then to the lush green environment of the Del Monte Forest, passing through the palatial mansions and ending with trails of the cove of trees & withered beaches. The drive attractions include Bird Rock, Point Joe, Lone Cypress, Fanshell beach, and Pescadero Point. Lone Cypress is the chief attraction of all of them, and often the attraction point of many television scenes. 


Carmel by the Sea

Carmel by the sea is a small beach city that has a rich artistic history. This small, fascinating town in Monterey County has Monday morning overcast weather and drizzles to clear skies in the afternoon and is a perfect detour from urban California life. People hung around mainly to enjoy its scenic coastline and craggy beaches.

Aside from the beaches, arcades of food shops and luxurious stays are the most significant things there and people flocked to have a relaxed and chilled out vacation. Trail buff can hike the Meadows trail, leading to an isolated Monastery beach. 


Big Sur

Perched in between the Carmela and San Simeon, Big Sur is a section of jagged and craggy mountains and comes with jaw-dropping vistas. This national treasure is an isolated stretch of road and has been popular around the world for its unmatched beauty and stunning coastline views. The imperial view alone makes Big Sur one of the 10 things to do in California and asides, there are other sorts of things such as beaches, hiking trails, redwood forests, and other sorts of recreational opportunities that can be taken by travelers.

The traveler's footfall is huge in Big Sur. Aside from sightseeing, there are hiking and outdoor posts. You can take a hike on the Pine Ridge trail, climb a mountain in Ventana Wilderness or sunbathe on Pfeiffer Beach. Backwood camp lovers can camp around areas like Creek, Limekiln, and Plaskett Creek campgrounds.

There are several state parks to go around and all contain adventurous hikes. The Mt. Manuel trail is one of them and is on the way to the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, then there is Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park which offers 300-foot redwood, and Garaaapata State Park.


Venice Beach Boardwalk

Exploring Venice is like winning a lottery, travelers will have a memorable time here. Venice Beach Boardwalk is a rollercoaster ride, the whole area is lit with mosaic and artistic extravaganza. You will find local street musicians weaving symphonies, tarot card readers, an arcade of food trucks and arcade gaming, jugglers, face painters, restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, hostels, etc.

The party never ends in this place, travelers will feel magnetic once they have taken the charm of this place.


Yosemite National Park

A must 10 things to do in California especially if you are an outdoor and mountain buff. Yosemite National Park granite cliffs are fervor around the world, people gather to see the vistas, towering waterfalls, hike trails, pristine riverbeds, lakes, and lush greenery. Wilderness and abundance of flora & fauna cover major Yosemite sites and attract worldwide wilderness enthusiasts. This park is open all year and offers activities such as stargazing, hikes, bike tours, nature walks, rock climbing, rafting, and photography. History geeks can visit the Yosemite Museum, Yosemite Valley Visitor Center, and the Sierra Club's LeConte Memorial Lodge.

Whether it's backwoods camping or climbing, travelers will not be free at all upon arriving. Half dome trail is the most popular trail, each day the trail is trailed by a group of 300 hikers and requires an advance permit. The hike is a steep slope, and people are advised to gear up accordingly. Tioga Road is another stunning driving location; folk come here mainly to stargaze the night sky and scenic views. 


Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is a prickly place, changing to hot during the day and cold at the night. The place is sand-dunes, people flocked to see some of the magnificent landscapes this park has. Various species of plants and animals have adopted the tempest of this desert including coyotes, bighorn sheep, Joshua, creosote bush, and the Death Valley pupfish. Sightseeing or riding a mountain bike or car is a popular activity, often undertaken to witness the scenic landscapes and historic locations.

There are several places to visit in the Death Valley national park. Badwater Basin canyon located at the low-elevation point of 282 feet is a designated photographer’s place. Walk the boardwalk at this lowest point in North America and take in the unique surroundings.

Stargazing is another one of the fervor spots here, as the location is remote and the sky's the darkest. Backwood camping is quite common just to stargaze the milky way and glistening night light. The location setting allows galaxies such as Ubehebe and Triangulum visible to the naked eye.



Adjoined Los Angeles, Malibu is seen as a celebs and riches top destination cluster. The place offers moderate weather along with pristine and white sand beaches to chill in. Travelers can take hikes, feel the blue oceans, or lounge in private resorts sipping on fine wine. 

Malibu offers several spots and sports activities to take on. Hit upon Solstice Canyon Loop trail hike and be awestruck by the photogenic coastal view and uphill adventurous adrenaline rush. 

Try the challenging 2.7-miles Mugu peak loop trail and the unspoiled nature there will leave you short of breath.

Relish recreating activities such as mountain biking, running, horseback riding, and hiking along the mountains of Santa Monica bay.



Games, rides, haunted houses, jungle cruises, musical chairs, fireworks shows, parades, Tomorrowland, and live shows… Disneyland is a 10 must things to do in California, especially if kids are visiting with you. On top of that, the park comes with luxury stays and food options to alleviate traveler stay. 

Arguably one of the happiest go-to places in the whole world, the time spent here will be downright to your picture memories. House of Blues is one of the best things to do in Disneyland, it is a restaurant and a room of live music concert halls that come with 4 unique themed rooms. 

Character Dining is another popular spot there, travelers dine or breakfast in the presence of some of the most iconic characters of Disneyworld. You can meet Mickey & Minnie, Donald, scooby-doo, and many other cartoon characters.


Old Sacramento 

A visit to Old Sacramento feels nostalgic, as the folk will explore the decades-old monolith buildings, the incredible weather, and the old sac gold rush. 

Historically the place has a lot to offer like decades-old buildings, museums, record stores, governor's mansion, railways, Pony express terminal, memorials, and rich slices of being back in time.

Feel inspired at the Crocker Art Museum, there are assortments of European art, Dutch & Flemish artwork, Italian Baroque paintings, California art from the gold rush era till the present, and American photography. 

Take a tour of the historic riverboat and enjoy the stay here with its opulent interiors and ship-like rooms. 


To say the least, California as a state will not let down your travel and absolutes your vacation. Whether it is a friends & family vacation, solo trip, or business tour; notch up your trip to California with First Fly Travel booking and get the most exclusive offerings to your holiday bookings.