Europe is a diverse and unique continent, each city, country and region has its unique charms and characteristics and with this Europe makes the perfect summer destination . Here, you will find stunning beaches, amazing landscapes, incredible cities and so much more to give you a fantastic vacation .

This article is filled with all the summer destinations that you can explore this year with your friends and friends or even alone. We along with our travel experts are here to take your guesswork away from you to just look and book. 

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Mentioned below are the names of the European destinations, but many of these places are also fantastic in the off seasons too, not only in summers.


One of the greatest and the  most visited European destinations is Prague, the capital of Czech Republic which was formerly known as Czechosloviakia. The city is abundant with history as it has seen various powers come to rule it with at one stage being governed by the Austrian Habsburg empire. The city is a dichotomy between ancient gothic architecture and modern futuristic designs. 

Prague is a city bursting with history and culture and makes you feel like you're walking through a fairytale. A lot of the city's architecture has inspired the designs of Disney, Grim and other fairytale novelists. View sites such as Prague Castle or one of the many churches and museums. One can aslo head down to the old town and enjoy one of the little cafes there, or when in Prague get a pint of world-famous Czech beer, Na zdraví (cheers)!

The charles bridge of Prague is a site to visit. St Vitus Cathedral is a grand gothic church popular with tourists and is an essential visit. Tourists also visit the statue of St. Wenceslas taking pictures and sharing their adventures with the saint. With centuries of history and culture, the city is perfect for everyone. The city isn’t overly expensive meaning a visit here won’t eat away at your bank balance which is always a bonus!

During summer, the city has a moderate temperature of 18–20°C, which is perfect for comfortably exploring the city.


Paphos is a beach town in the western end of the island of Cyprus. The beach resort is full of archaic and traditional architecture and mosaics, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is the perfect destination for a European summer destination as it boasts both a cultural scene as well as hundreds of hotels and miles of beaches to relax on.

The area also has the world-famous house of Dionysos which is excellent to view some of the ancient and traditional Greek mosaics and artwork. The temple of Aphrodite is something you shouldn’t forget to see, visit the ruins of the ancient temple and look out across the Mediterranean seas from the hills of the island. Paphos has an abundance of hotels catering to everyone’s budget so you can easily have a budget-friendly or a luxurious holiday if choosing to visit, which is why you should consider it as a destination for summer 2022. 

Across the summer months, the region has an average temperature of 22–26°C and hours of sunshine making it perfect as a summer destination.



Split is a beach town in Croatia, running along the coast of the Adriatic sea and the second-largest city in the country. Over the years the city has seen a change in possession, from the Venetian empire and the Roman empire to French rule and Habsburg control. Over these centuries and various changes in power, the city has an abundance of history, culture and miles of sandy white shoreline. The city is the perfect destination for the cultural enthusiast as well as for the sun worshipper. The city is filled with hundreds of hotels, resorts and villas up and down the coast giving the option to lounge by a swimming pool or lay on the beach soaking up the sun and the natural environment.

With average temperatures of 23–26°C and typical Mediterranean climates, it’s the perfect summer destination.


Budapest began as two cities on opposite sides of the Danube river. Originally the two cities began as Buda and the second as pest before merging into the city as it is today. The city is the capital of current-day Hungary. It’s a great European city destination to visit for summer 2022. The city is world-renowned for its thermal baths with rumoured healing properties. Visit one of the many public open-air baths at any time in the day, but beware — they do get busy! Or visit them at night when the city turns them into open-air clubs, a fun and different experience to typical nightlife. The city has a lot to offer during your visit. From Buda Castle, look out across the city, it’s a great time to visit at night and see the sky of the city light up with lights. Budapest offers lots to do culturally and has numerous shows in the evening at the National Theatre .Like surrounding countries, Budapest has a continental climate with temperatures ranging from 19–20°C.


Greece is known for its idyllic islands spanning across the Aegean sea. With hundreds to choose from it may be difficult to decide because each offers its own allure and charm. There are hotspots like Mykonos, Santorini, Heraklion and more, however, we pin Naxos as our European destination as it is a more authentic and uncommercialised part of Greece. Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades group in the South Aegean Sea and offers a lot of what Santorini and the major islands offer but are by far a lot less busy. The island is home to Mount Zas, the highest point of the Cyclades islands and great if you are a hiker looking to explore the area on foot. Not only does the island offer an amazing experience for hikers but it also has miles of sandy white shoreline stretching around its entirety, 40km to be exact.

With average summer temperatures of 23–25°C, it’s a warm and enticing climate, one that could be perfect for a European summer holiday.



Lake Geneva is one of Europe's largest natural lakes and can be tracked down  in the Alps. The lake widens to 2 counties, being shared both by Switzerland and France. On the French side of the lake, you have the resort town of Évian-les-Bains, yes the same place where the bottled water comes from!  Head over to the Swiss side and explore the city of Geneva, the second-largest city in Switzerland. The Swiss are known for their fondue and chocolate so be sure to head to one of the city's many chocolatiers and taste what they have to offer and visit a fondue and raclette restaurant in the evening by the banks of Lake Geneva.

During the summer months, there is an average of 20°C so it’s warm but not too hot, making it a comfortable temperature and great if you don’t like extreme heat



Malta is another island in the Mediterranean Sea. The country consists of many small Islands and is famous for its past and historic sites. Explore the fortifications of Valletta, swimming in the stunning blue lagoon and visiting the very cool Popeye Village.

During the summer months, there is an average of 23-27°C so it’s warm but not too hot, making it a comfortable temperature and great if you don’t like extreme heat.



The Dutch love their beer a little too much, so to witness the craziness behind the production and origin of the  beer,  book a trip to the Heineken factory. Understand what life was like during the time of Nazi occupation and head to the Anne Franke House Museum to see where she and her family famously hid before being captured by the regime. Sail down one of the many canals that make Amsterdam like the Venice of western Europe. The city has so much on offer that it’s definitely worth a visit and is a holiday destination in its own right. 

The weather in Summer, from June to August which is a mild season, and it is characterised by pleasant periods, with daytime temperatures between 20 °C and 25 °C.

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