Air China Limited is the flag carrier and one of the People’s Republic of China’s major airlines, headquartered in Beijing’s Shunyi District. The flight operations of Air China are based at Beijing Capital International Airport. Air China has also come up with an online checking option for those travelers who hate waiting in check-in lines. The airlines have the best online check-in policies to get you to go through easily and enjoy the benefits offered by the airlines. To make your journey smoother, you should follow the steps below.


What are the ways of Check-in in Air China?

Air China offers passenger 5 best methods of check-in, that are:

  • Check-in at the airport counter
  • Through the common use self-service Kiosk Check-in
  • Check-in through the official website of Air China
  • Mobile check-in, through text message instructions
  • Telephone check-in, by speaking to an Air China operator


Air China Web Check-in

Travelers who opt for Web Check-in may select their aircraft seats, print their boarding passes and notify checked in by telephone. This method is only accessible if you have booked and paid via mobile phone checked in by telephone. This method is only accessible if you have booked and paid via mobile phone long as they have not made any changes to the flight schedule and have an Air China tickets online, obtained for an Air China flight. The above option is also available for travelers who purchased their e-ticket from a permitted travel company or agent. The Web Check-in system is very straightforward, mandating the following as paperwork: a passport, a booking reference, or the number of Air China tickets.

Web Chekin

You will have to process your luggage after online check-in and obtain your official boarding pass at the airport counter with your valid ID. You should do so before your flight’s check-in period, as long as your baggage meets the luggage specifications of Air China. Any possible changes to your checked luggage can only be made as soon as possible after reaching the counter of the duty manager.


Air China Mobile Check-in

You can check-in the mobile, even if you have checked luggage. Upon completing the check-in process on the official website, any web service desk at the airport can be used to check your luggage. You can check in from 24 hours to 90 minutes before your flight via mobile device. Upon completing the Mobile Phone Check-in process, you can go straight through the airport security checkpoint and use the 2D bar code given to board the flight. In case, if you failed to print out your boarding pass, do not worry! The airline has got you covered, as your check-in status will remain active, and the airport service employee will help you to print your pass at the counters. However, if you lose your boarding pass, in order to re-print you need to produce a valid ID of yours to re-print it. You also have the choice of canceling your flight by checking in online. It can be done by calling the hotline service of Air China or online, but only within the rendering hours mentioned in the boarding pass.

Mobile Check In

You can also check-in your mobile phone by communicating with the staff of Air China via text messages via 95583. You can email “5” or “check-in” to this phone number and in the near future, you will receive additional guidance on how to notify them of your travel information (flight date, flight number and ID number).


Air China Kiosk Check-in:

The self-service check-in by Air China is a simple 7-step procedure that can be completed for both domestic and international flights, but only in some cities. This method of check-in comes with an easy-to-use and accessible interface:

  • Choose your preferred language
  • After that, you can choose whether you want to execute the check-in procedure or print a boarding pass appointed during a prior online check-in.
  • Next, choose either the piece of ID you used at the point of purchase (passport or ID / military ID) or the number of your electronic ticket.
  • The fourth step of the process is to choose your flight or flight segment.
  • After this, to make sure everything is in order, you can check your flight information.
  • The sixth step is to pick the seat you think is best for you. The software is interactive, enabling you to navigate digitally through the map of an aircraft, visualizing the seat section of the aircraft, so that you can find the seat that suits you better.
  • The process ends with the printing of the boarding pass and some timing information about the closing of the gate and updates of weather forecasts.

Kiosk Check-in

If you have carried out the check-in procedure at the kiosk and want to change your flight afterward, you can do that by contacting the staff of Air China. These changes will be operated within the availability limits and also according to the record of e-tickets and flight records shown in the departure and Air China reservation system.


Telephone Check-in:

Also, domestic flights operated by Air China from Beijing, Dalian, Harbin, Hongqiao, and Nanjing can be checked in by telephone. This method is only accessible if you have booked and paid via mobile phone for your ticket (access service number 95583).

Telephone Check in

The deadline for telephone check-in is, under all circumstances, two and a half hours prior to scheduled departure. If something happens, you can cancel your check-in by telephone–by calling their above-mentioned service number at least one and a half hours before departure, or by contacting the airport service counter directly.


Airport Check-in

For airport check-in, you have to reach 2 hours prior to departure time. Every airport has its own check-in deadlines, which may cause your reservation to be canceled if not respected. If this is your first trip to Air China, your authorized agents will notify you of your chosen airport’s deadline.

Airport Check-in

International flights involve multiple documents, such as visas, a valid passport, as well as the identity documents you used to purchase the ticket. You should always have these documents on your own, so make sure they are not packed in the checked baggage, but on the luggage.

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