A city big enough and not like one of those crowded metropolitan cities and a city small enough to live peacefully on the countryside! Amazing Destinations in Chicago got something for everyone. It is the third largest city in the whole of America. The city is known for its in-house music production which is known as ‘EDM’ in popular culture. A city that is known for its art and culture and a bit of hippie vibe to it. A place for all the party freaks and shopaholics with a tint of intellect of historical and industrial museums. The city is also known as the city of lakes which can catch your eye to witness the most astonishing view besides your eye. A journey begins with catching a flight that sets the vibe and mood of a certain trip, we would recommend you to travel by Delta Airlines. To book your tickets now call +1 (833) 938-2004.


Here is a list of places which you can’t miss out of you are heading to Chicago.


Grant Park And Buckingham Fountain 

The Grant Park is one of the premier spots of you visit Chicago on the earthen edge of the northern fringes. A place which is a landmark of the city. The heart of the Grant Park is Buckingham fountain which conducts lights and water shows on a regular basis with heartfelt music and a cozy vibe all around. 

Amazing Destinations in Chicago | Grant Park And Buckingham Fountain 


The Magnificent Walk

The paradise for all the shopaholics in the city and beyond. Be ready to put a dent on your pocket and loose your savings to the things kept for later. This portion of Michigan Avenue that stretches between lake shore of the Chicago River. You are going to experience the celebrity like with luxurious retailers like Sans Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Lord & Taylor etc.

Amazing Destinations in Chicago | The Magnificent Walk


Museum Of Science And Industry

This place of Chicago is an extensive Museum of Science and Industrial development with all the innovative roots having 35000+ artifacts which inspires creativity. It is a wonderful place to gain some knowledge in a hot summer day when you don’t want to go out heat yourself up. This place is not only imbibed in History but has a theatre and a gaming zone too for everyone.

Amazing Destinations in Chicago | Museum Of Science And Industry


Chicago Architecture River Cruise 

Just like Amsterdam, Chicago is also built along with a Architecture river and has waterways in the city. We put this Ride in a must visit Ride because this Cruise will give you a 360 degree view of the city maybe from a distance but will be worth it. The views you will get of the city is beyond comparison.

AMAZING DESTINATIONS IN CHICAGO | chicago architecture river cruise|

So what are you waiting for?

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