Being a member of the OneWorld alliance, which is the third largest airline alliance in the world; Some major cities that American Airlines flights include are Miami, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, New York, Delhi, Tokyo, Beijing and Moscow among others. Flying in American Airlines first class comes with numerous advantages. As it is the world’s largest airline operator in terms of fleet, American Airlines on an average operates  6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries. 



The American Airlines first class cabin is located in the front of the plane and you will also have access to the first class lavatory. The number of first class seats in the first class cabin and the configuration all depends on the type of aircraft you’re flying on. Other than this, Americans still offer hot towel amenities, which is a great way to refresh and clean up at the start of the journey and at the end of the fight. Along with this they also offer you pyjamas and a Shinola amenity kit complete with D.S. & Durga products.

  • 777 First Class: American Airlines uses its flagship Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on its premium routes.The first class cabin is arranged in two rows of 1-2-1 seating. That means there's a window seat on either side of the aisle with two seats in the middle. All seats have aisle access. 

  • A321T First Class: American Airlines uses specially configured A321 aircraft on its premium transcontinental routes. On these "A321T" aircraft, first class consists of five rows of 1-1 seating. That means all seats have both a window and aisle access. 

  • 737 First Class: American Airlines recently completed a "Project Oasis" retrofit to "harmonize" the onboard experience across all 737 aircraft. Now the passengers find four rows of premium economy-like recliner seats in first class on all 737 aircraft. American Airlines removed all inflight entertainment screens as part of the retrofit, so don’t forget to  bring your own tablet to watch the streaming entertainment options. The perk of the retrofit is that all seats have power outlets, the overhead bins are larger, and all aircraft have high-speed Wi-Fi  which is available for purchase.

  • A321 First Class: Do not get confused with the A321T, the A321 is the menial of American Airlines' domestic fleet. American is almost done with its retrofit of these aircraft. Soon, all A321 aircraft will have five rows of 2-2 seating. Like on the 737, you won't have an inflight entertainment screen. But, at least American Airlines is adding power outlets and larger overhead bins to its greatly outdated A321 aircraft.

American Airlines In-Flight Dining

Before takeoff, American Airlines flight attendants offer trays of orange juice, water and sparkling wine. Printed menus are provided to each passenger to explain what is on offer. Multi-course meals begin with an aperitif service with warm nuts and a tablecloth on the tray table.

American Airlines first class service on long flights is customizable with side dishes that can be added if requested. Everything is kept on the table rather than served on a tray as it happens in business class. Drink refills are plentiful, and while service can vary depending upon the crew, it is generally exceptionally attentive given that there are  only two flight attendants to serve eight people.

American Airlines is the official airline partner of the James Beard Foundation, and some of the menu choices have been designed by talented chefs. Travellers can choose from one of several main courses, which usually include beef, poultry, seafood and pasta. Dessert usually includes a cheese plate or ice cream sundae with toppings that are added when asked.

Americans Airline First Class are stocked with wines, beers and spirits.  The serving of drinks depends on the length of your flight. If your flight is of shorter duration, you will have to pre-order your drink and on some flights you get plenty of refills.

Customers can also pre-select their meal 30 days before departure via the airline’s website.



There are a few ways to make it into American Airlines First Class Tickets.  A few are mentioned below to Book American Airlines First Class.

  • Pay the Total Price: American Airlines First Class are available all the time. However, the first class cost a bit more than the other class.

  • Redeem with Your Miles or Points: More miles are required to enjoy the benefits and privilege of American First.

  • Obtain an Upgrade to American Airlines First Class: If you are travelling in an economy seat, you can use your AAdvantage program miles to upgrade from any other class to United Airlines First Class.




First class passengers can check-in two bags free of charge when flying on domestic or short-haul flights. Also you don't have to bother about packaging light, you pack upto 70 pounds of stuff in each bag before worrying about extra charges.



While flying in Flagship First class, you can carry up to three free checked bags of 70 pounds each. The third free checked bag only applies to Flagship First class tickets and if you're flying in "American Airlines first class" on short-haul international routes, you'll only get two free checked bags upto 70 pounds each.



 Whenever you’re flying with American Airlines first class, you will get access to the priority check-in line. Which means you can skip the American Airlines First class check-in kiosks and check in with a real desk agent. Even a web check-in can be done for American Airlines from 24 hours to 45 minutes before the departure of the flight. By check-in online, a preferred seat can be chosen well in advance and the boarding pass can be obtained from the comfort of home or anywhere leading to a hassle free, time saving check-in process.

Additionally, Flagship First passengers can use American Airlines Flagship First Check-in at five airports: Chicago O'Hare (ORD), London Heathrow (LHR), Los Angeles (LAX), Miami (MIA), and New York (JFK). this service only qualify elite customers who has paid for five star services



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