“TO TRAVEL IS TO LIVE” Backpacking is the most important things to travel. This statement fits appropriately with today’s generation. Although gravelling has a very infamous reputation for being overly expensive, disconnecting and very time consuming and just like this, millennials also have a very spoiled image of being disconnected from the real world, some prefer very less social indulgence and some have a way of connecting with nature. And yet, millennials as the people that fall under the category of travelers and explorers. To give a twisting term to the conventional form of traveling, we call it backpackers.

Its not hidden that it is the most rugged and very tumbled DIY style of traveling, but it does come bearing gifts. It has many features, from staying over at hostels, commuting through buses, trying out street foods, this comes out totally as tailormade for millennials. This generation has totally flipped the definition of what travelling actually is, instead of sitting and waiting for retirement, this generation and many other people get inspiration and start their “late retirement traveling plans” now.  Backpacking is the best way to change the curve of your mundane life. Nowadays, all the major travel companies, travel agents and hotels and even gear companies have embraced the millennial mantra of travelling like this. Let’s explore how backpacking can be cathartic?



The most fascinating thing about backpacking is that it is by far the most budget-friendly and the cheapest style of travelling. Millennials have been dropped under the category of the “poorest and ironically the most prodigal generation”. It is the most standard form of traveling as it has no bubble of luxury, like flying first class, eating in a restaurant or even staying in a hotel, but here is the silver lining that nowadays, it is in highlight that any travel company, many hotels and even commute services are providing options of backpacking, which means you can travel all you want without affecting your pocket. Also, not for nothing traveling like this will give a very organic experience of place and it’ll be a first-hand experience and very unplanned. Being the most challenging yet fun way of exploring a country, this also offers us a new outlook towards about different unexplored and hidden places of any country.

Although, this will not be a trip where you’ll think much about your budget as the places of staying are in hostels, local foods are not costly and commute is mostly done by local transport. So, when it comes to backpacking, the journey from start to end will be very rough, no bare-bones and there will be no taste of luxury.



Hostels are the anchor of the backpacking trip. Although hostels have a bad reputation of being dingy, knocked over with some unbearable smell of travelers. but now as more n more people are opting for backpacking trip, which has made many cities to work on their hostels facilities as they are the havens of any travelers. Now these hostels feature clean bedrooms, with basic essential along with reasonable dimensions of the dorm. Many have been upgraded and now come with common areas, bars, lounges and restaurants and even recreational room. Information like the city map, local eateries, hotspots, tour-booking services, bus services and ticket purchasing options are also available. The perks of opting for hostels is that they’re located in the middle of the city, which means to have the entire access of the city and it’s tagged along places There are many affordable and travel friendly hostels around the places like:

  • The overall best Hostel in the USA- USA hostels Hollywood- Los Angeles
  • Best Budget Hostel in USA – Auberge NOLA Hostel – New Orleans
  • Best Party Hostel in USA – Miami Party Hostel
  • NY Moore Hostel
  • The Local NYC- A legendary American hostel
  • HI NYC Hostel- An awesome American hostel for solo travelers
  • HI Boston- Overall Best Hostel in Boston
  • Abercrombie’s Farrington Inn- Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Boston
  • HI Portland – Northwest- Recommended hostel in the USA
  • Travelers House- An All-American Boutique Hostel
  • Freehand Los Angeles- An Awesome American Hostel
  • HI Los Angeles – Santa Monica- A top American hostel for budget travelers
  • HI New Orleans- A legendary hostel in the USA
  • HI-San Francisco City Center- Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in San Francisco
  • USA Hostels San Francisco- Overall Best Hostel in San Francisco
  • Generator Miami- A highly recommended hostel in USA



Backpacking trip has some added features along with it like, few of the hostels offer you camping and hiking, where you can hike and explore the wild side of the nature. Here we have curated some hiking options for you:

  • The Lost Coast Trail—Northern California- it is a 24-mile-long hike.
  • The North Coast Route—Olympic National Park, Washington- it is a 20-mile-long hike.
  • Lake Aloha Trail—Central California- it is a 18-mile-long hike
  • Mount Sterling Loop Trail (Via Low Gap)—Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee- it is a 28.8-mile-long hike.
  • Timberline Trail—Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon- it is a 38.2-mile-long hike
  • Cottonwood Marble Canyon Loop Trail—Death Valley National Park, California- it is a 26-28-mile-long hike
  • The John Muir Trail—California- it is a 221-miles-long hike
  • The Wonderland Trail—Mount Rainier National Park, Washington- it is a 93-mile-long hike
  • The Long Trail—Vermont- as the name goes by it is a 272-mile-long hike

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