All of us have been studying History and couldn’t skip the French Revolution if we talk about the importance it holds in the world. The Day that is the National Day of France is a National Holiday in the whole country that’s celebrated on 14of July every year. One of the most famous things about this day is the fireworks and the parades. The day is called the Bastille day because it marks the fall of the Bastille Fortress and Prison in 1789. The day is marked with the strength of ‘Fete De la federation’ that celebrates the unity of the French people on this day. The celebrations are held all over the France.



In 1789, tension occurred in France among reformist and moderate groups as the nation battled to determine a Economic Deficit. Hence,Groups were framed in the society , unfortunate of an assault by the regal armed force or by unfamiliar regiments of hired fighters in the ruler’s administration, and looking to arm the overall people. On 14th of July there was a Meeting held at the Court of France and

That very day, another group raged the Bastille, a fort jail in Paris that had generally held individuals imprisoned based on lettres de cachet self-assertive imperial arraignments that couldn’t be offered and didn’t demonstrate the justification the detainment, and was accepted to hold a store of ammo and black powder. As it occurred, at the hour of the assault, the Bastille held just seven detainees, none of extraordinary political significance.

The group was in the end supported by mutinous Gardes Françaises (“French Guards”), whose main job was to secure public structures. They demonstrated a reasonable counterpart for the fortification’s protectors, and Governor de Launay, the authority of the Bastille, ceded and paved the way for stay away from a public slaughter. As per the authority archives, around 200 revolutionaries and only one safeguard passed on before the capitulation. It was a huge success and a landmark in the history of the famous French Revolution.



On 30 June 1878, a feast was officially arranged in Paris to honour the French Republic. Then in 1879 there was a another feast. In 1880 the French government wanted to revive this huge day. The most important and famous tradition of this day is the Bastille Day Military Parade and in the evening the fireworks at the Eiffel Tower is the most astonishing view of the Day.

Firstfly Travel wishes you a happy ‘National Day of France’ and shows gratitude towards the spirit that ignited the famous French Revolution for Liberty, Equality & Fraternity!