Does it get any more romantic than waking up with a splendid sunset and your partner beside you. There's a saying for couples who travel together, stay together and we surely are going to subscribe to this saying.

Luckily for couples worldwide, the planet is packed with romantic places that will simultaneously keep you amazed and definitely steal your heart, filling your lungs with love and excitement in equal measures. Earth , no doubt, is an incredible corner of the universe and this fact cannot be denied.

Hence, we have sourced the globe and have picked out the best couples destination for holiday, a collection of covering east, west, north and south. Ofcourse, it isn't as simple as rocking up to places , every good memory and experience requires work. Well, we have prepared our list for the best travel destination, so inform your better half, book your tickets, pack your bags and get along on another journey full of surprises and adventure together.


We Pick Best Couples Destination For You:-



There’s something mystical about Montreal that really separates it from other places in North America. A great blend of romance and promises is in the air of this place. It could be the bizarre amalgamation of Canadian credence and European grace, or it could be the palpable history that shimmer from every corner of the city’s significant heart. It really doesn't matter, as far as the “it” factor keeps on shining. And if you’re there make sure to check rooftop bars in the Old Town and enjoy.



Carrying the Heart in its name and wine flowing  from every corner, Herzegovina is still Europe’s final hidden jewels. From traversing through the wild rivers by kayak to the glittering allure of the Tekija in Blagaj, this place is defined by heart. You sure are going to fall head over heels in this place and you might want to check your pulse too! 


Venice, Italy

I guess, the name is enough. I mean where else to begin?  No other city on this planet can close to define the concept of love like this city has. From sunrise to sunset, this place has beauty in every corner. From narrow canals and Revival architecture shifts visitors to a dreamworld.  A must try is the famous gondola-ride, Venice is a city made for lovers, old and young.


Marrakech, Morocco

With all the colours, the aroma, sounds and sights, Marrakech is a place that awakens the senses of excitement. It is straightforward and pensive at the same time, a lightheaded destination that is apt for all the passionate visitors. Popular as the City of Luxury, the ornate palaces and also has wellness options that anyone can ask for and enjoy. 


Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo has all the kinds of vibes that you need to enjoy in this place. The vintage and cultural capital of this capital is what makes this place fascinating.  Kyoto is a postcard city of classical Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, old wooden houses and imperial gardens. The city has lately become something of a hotspot for proposals, and the reasons are very obvious.


Prague, Czech Republic

The City of a Hundred Blades seems to have been built with love in mind. Prague is a postcard city that is filled with stories, a famous old admiration that has persuaded generations of authors for an era and will continue to be like this for the coming years. The Old Town grabs attention, making sure to explore further, every district carries its own vibes, from some modern approach of Karlin to the splendour of Vinohrady and above that.



Zanzibar’s gleaming beaches have drawn out to be the popular honeymoon destination, but it has more to  it than just an island. It has the natural beauty where sand meets sea and on the horizon,sea meets the sun. heritages are more valued here and that makes for a more pacified stride of life in the very best way. Zanzibar is a place which makes couples step back and can fall in love all over again, outright with glittering coral reefs.



Iceland gives you a feel of another world, a world that is filled with nature’s best voices, from exciting geysers to moon-like craters among other things. The Aurora Borealis, the marvellous light show is a gorgeous experience that everyone should see at least once in their lives. The unconventional side of capital Reykjavik is plenty romantic in its own right.