A long-awaited family trip on your mind?

Family is what we think about the most, hence every time we get a little time off from our busy schedule, we should make it large and should probably plan a trip to a place of what you are thinking about from a very long period and run away from our regular responsibilities to a place with more peace and that brings you your bundle of joy. From beach vacations to theme parks USA has got everything in its bucket list. Taking out some time for your family in order to spend some quality time and making memories to cherish them all your life. Firstfly travel is the best place if you are looking for exciting travel packages and unbeatable deals while you book your trip. Here in this blog, we have curated all the information you need to know the before heading to your next family vacation making it worth!


List of Best Destinations for Family Vacations in The United States



Orlando is a place where your vacation will be filled with fun and thrill. A place which caters to all the age groups from a kid to a senior citizen. The city is known as the capital of theme parks. Not that it’s just theme park which is worth diving in, there is a lot more to this city you can shop at city walk or go for some adventurous water-sports or you can simply visit some amazing beaches and sun bath.



The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited family destinations in the world. This place is packed with family friendly activities like hiking and mule rides. Along with it you will get the taste of true grandeur of this natural wonder can only be fully appreciated when seen throughout the day. You will get the most spectacular views of the Colorado river and the North Rim of Grand Canyon. Another amazing experience would be a helicopter ride over the city and whitewater rafting all across the place.



There is no big guess why Maui is one of the best family destinations in the US. There are beautiful beaches from bustling of shores of Waikiki and the gentle waves of Lanikai beach. There is no age group defined when it comes to Maui where families can spend the last day enjoying water sports like snorkeling and deep-sea diving. You can also witness one of most visited volcanoes in the world here. 



The outer banks are a chain of towns which lies in the North Carolina coast on a series of barrier of islands that offers appealing white-sand beaches. This place is great for history lovers and is known for its educational value which has a lot of maritime history, museums and world historic sites. It’s the plane where Wright brothers invented the airplane and the people who have interest in antiques and aviation with a twist of technology. 



A family that loves nature and want to spend time amidst the lap of nature then Gatlinburg is a perfect place for you to visit. You can visit the great smoky mountains national park which is an amazing place for your next family vacation with a tint of adventure and a splash of beautiful landscape. The visitors will have full access for hiking, trekking, mountain biking and even horse riding. Not just adventure sports this place has a plethora of kid's activities too. The city is full of arts and cultural activities.



Branson is a wonderful place for the people who love live music concerts and dance. The city got full party vibes. Branson is known for its contribution in the entertainment industry, this city is a home to more than 50 in house theaters which makes it a perfect place to visit for actors and audiences as well. There are several theme parks, and hundreds of shows, attractions and three major lakes.  There are countless concerts and events take place each year and the Ozarks also offer arcades, adventure parks, mini-golf, movie theaters, and more.



For the past two centuries, New York has been the largest and wealthiest American City. Not only today, New York has been centered of many things historically too. New York played an important role in the American War of Independence witnessing several battles. New York is a city where no one feels an outsider because the city accepts everything and everyone with so much love. New York is a city that has a lot to offer to any of its visitors of any age group and with any interest too. A paradise for foodies and people who want to try new things. This city is filled with amazing experiences that follows you back whole your life.



A playground for all the travel enthusiasts and adventure junkies that push up their adrenaline spirit. You'll get every little detail of the secret lakes that are stored in the heart of national park, wildflowers and sun-doused high view of Switzerland at Montana's Glacier National Park, a genuine wild jungle gym for outside cherishing families-and there's no visa required. Here, it's mountain pinnacles and ice sheet cut valleys for a significant distance



San Diego is a place that is blessed with both indoor attractions and outdoor fun. You will find gorgeous Pacific Ocean beaches for11 a perfect family vacation. California provides a lot of space for water sports and good for historical perspective too. San Diego is known as ‘America’s finest city’ famous for its miles and miles white sand beaches and amazing weather. All in all, this city is full package for a cozy family vacation that you will remember forever.



Yosemite National Park is not just a regular national park, there are alluring waterfalls and ancient waterfalls and millions of places to go. With all its sheer granite formations in the National Park, graceful seasonal waterfalls, and ancient forests, this land has been wowing people for thousands of years. And whether you’re visiting for the first or fiftieth time, you’re sure to find new vistas and plenty of outdoor adventures for your family vacation.


Keeping it all aside, you need no big reason to go on a cozy trip with your loved ones and the summer vacation are also hitting on soon and the mood is on top of the World so why don’t you visit your long-awaited Destination with your family that you kept postponing till now. Book cheap flight tickets with FirstFly Travel or just call us at +1-866-383-9353 Or mail us at info@firstflytravel.com