Indeed ‘Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets’ as truly travelling rejuvenates your soul and induces a new wave of emotions and strength in us. It is quite normal to feel frustrated and bored of the same monotonous routine and so it is the perfect time of the year to plan something exciting and exhilarating with your loved ones. October & November is probably the perfect time to plan your holidays as it is an ideal time to enjoy trekking, hiking, apple-picking, football tailgating. Get a chance to witness the falling of leaves from the deciduous trees and brace yourself as winter is around the corner. USA has innumerable beautiful destinations that would entirely exhilarate your energy levels. Few of the most amazing places in USA that one should not miss in this coming autumn are listed here and we have mentioned some famous place to visit in October & November.

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Popular Destinations To Visit In October & November

During October, USA looks incredibly beautiful as the various travelling destinations beautifully decorated attracting a lot of tourists across the world. If you are planning to visit USA for your holidays, definitely choosing the month of October won’t disappoint you. Witness the glimpse of bustling cities, decorated streets and a chance to dive deep into the glorious culture and tradition of USA. Check out some of the astonishing destinations that you must visit in October & November, but before that make sure you do check out the cheapest tickets at Delta Airlines Reservations.


Check Out The Bustling City New York

New York city

 If you are interested in diving deep into glorious culture and ancient traditions of USA, no other place could be better than visiting the New York City. Neither too hot nor too cold, is New York definitely an idea destinations to witness the charming scenarios of Central Park, which is beautifully decorated. Don’t forget to check out the historical treasures of wonderful metropolitan Museum of Art, which is situated just at edge of the 5th Avenue. New York is also a hub of international artists, Chelsea in Manhattan must be on your list if you are interested to know more about the art, culture and tradition of USA.


Witness The Alluring Scenes Of New England

The beautiful destination is enriched with natural resources and you can get lost amidst the wonderful scenic. Along with that, you can also check out the beautiful destinations such as Rhode Islands, New England, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. These destinations invite you to learn more about the grand and glorious American History. Along with that, you can also spend some time tasting the delicious delicacies.  You can enjoy beautiful scenic drive at Connecticut and also visit the beautiful State Capital and the largest metro area in Connecticut Hartford CT. Don’t forget to taste the delicious mouthwatering Lobster Roll. Visit the Newport Mansions and witness the alluring scenes of Rhode Islands.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

During the month of October, the temperature is incredibly comforting and innumerable festivals are celebrated such as Harvest Festival, Fe Independent Film Festival and Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. During the Chile Harvest Time, even the hotel rooms are available at lower fares. You can taste the mouthwatering local Cidars at a quaint Teahouse and numerous apple pear crisp dishes. Visit the oldest restaurant of Santa Fe’s popularly known as The Plaza Café.


Salt Lake City, Utah

Experience the beauty of natural wonders and also practice exercise as it is a great hub of fitness freaks. As the hotel rates are low, this place is entirely filled with tourists who come here to witness the five National Parks. Also, you can explore the three popular national monuments which bring out the glorious colors of tradition and culture.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Enjoy the astonishing scenarios of beautiful Bayou City. You can also take part in the exciting Vodooo Fest held at the City Park. You can also check out the glimpse of dark and haunted history New Orleans as the city is also popular as one of the most haunted city of America.

Check out the list here and get ready to witness some of the astounding destinations of America in this autumn. Witness the snowy covered mountains and take part in adventurous activities like trekking, hiking or mountaineering. USA is all set to let you witness the wonders of nature during this October. However it is important to check out the list of Delta Airlines Tickets before you plan any trip.