A lot of people end their vacation, feeling lethargic, out of sorts and a bit burnt out. But to get out of the post-vacation rut, you do not need to follow strict workouts and diet plans. So, instead of locking yourself inside a box of strict resolutions, open up and search for destinations where you can detox and relax. Now, let see Best Places in the World to Detox Holidays.

From an all-vegan hideaway with animals, in the woods of Ibiza, a surfing holiday on the Moroccan coast to the wellness and fitness retreats in the revitalizing spas of Europe, it is time that you bring yourself back to your pre-Christmas self.


Here Is the List of the Best Places in the World to Detox Holidays

1.     Lombok and Gili Islands

Lombok and Gili Islands

Located quite close to Bali, Lombok is a gem of a destination. It has amazing white-sand beaches, tropical forests, hiking trails, surfing spots, and tobacco and rice fields.  

Head to the triplet of Gili islands, and enjoy the island experience with modern comforts. The transportation in all three islands is car-free, you will transport through, bikes, horses, carts or by foot. Choose the Gili Air to relax, Gili Trawangan for socializing and Gili menos to enjoy some me time under the Sun.

2.        Middle Piccadilly, Dorset

This is your place to be, if you want to relax and take care of any kind of health issue that you have, or simply for a detox after a hectic and taxing vacation.

Book your accommodations at this spa and get amazing facilities like vegetarian meals, juices, raw food, as well as massages, mud body wraps, and other treatments.

3.    Yogarosa retreat, Ibiza

For a veteran Yoga practitioner or for a Yoga beginner, this is the perfect spot to be. Yoga therapist Rosa Klein has a very gentle and effective approach to Yoga.

The Yogarosa retreat is just a 20-minute drive away from the Ibiza Airport and the place is unlike the Ibiza that is in your mind. From idyllic pools surrounded by pine trees, brunches and accommodations in Yogarosa, the place is a lot more than a simple Yoga retreat.

When you visit there, you will experience a daily 90-minute yoga session in the morning, vegan brunch that will include tea, nuts, fresh smoothies and fruits throughout the day. The evenings will be marked with an hour-long meditation session that will be followed by a three-course vegan dinner.

4.    Yobaba Lounge, France

If you are looking for someplace to relax and to spend some me time, book an affordable flight to Toulouse or Carcassone and get off to the Yobaba lounge, located in a village estate in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

Get charmed by the remarkable walled garden, medieval village, raw vegan food, and processed, wheat and sugar, aimed to cleanse your system.

You will get to stay in a chic room, enjoy food, drinks, snacks and a range of Yoga and meditation sessions held by a retired athlete and massage counselor Gertrud Keazor. You can also check out nearby historical sites and enjoy periods of silence in these excursions. This will surely get you out of the rut, post your holiday and help you become one with your pre-holiday self.        

5.    Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

There are not many better places to relax and detox than Thailand. You will have endless opportunities to cleanse the mind, body, and soul like the wellness and Yoga retreats at Phuket’s many resorts and villas. There is no dearth of fresh fruits and locally grown vegetable produce, that will help you burn down those extra calories and help you to stick to your New Year’s Resolution. For a more fulfilling and complete detoxifying experience, try the nation’s renowned, Muay Thai training.

6.    Goa, India

Goa, India

Sometimes a quick retreat to Goa is all you need. Run away from it all, with the white-sand beaches, sea, sand, and sun. Arjuna Beach, Calangute Beach and Baga Beach will be your must-visit beach destinations, where you will get an eyeful of shimmering waters, beach shacks, and innumerable adventure sports.

Other kinds of amusements include mouthwatering coastal cuisine, night markets, where you can find iridescent souvenirs to take home.

7.    Shanti Som Wellbeing haven, Marbella, Spain

This well-being retreat is located at a 10-minute drive from Marbella, with staggering views of the Alps and countryside Sierra de las Nievas, it is just the perfect retreat that you needed. 

It is generally a six-night retreat, when you reach there you will receive a pre-detox guide followed by a dinner. Then you will get to relish five days of fresh juices, foods, and broths. You will also get to enjoy a daily yoga class, a foot bath, pool, sauna, gym and coaching sessions with the nutritionist.

The yoga sessions are good enough to act as a long-term manual to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

8.     Ski trip to Japan

Probably the best way to have fun on a vacation is to lose a few kilos without even noticing. This may sound too good to be true, but in Japan, with the powdery snow, and fresh and tantalizing foods, your dream might become a reality.

Gobble-on the lip-smacking tastes of the Ramen and steaming hot dumplings, you will be able to satiate your taste buds while keeping your figure in check. In this list, we have tapped into the best destinations according to personal experiences and reviews from renowned holiday companies. So, find the best destination that will help you detox and bring you back to your pre-holiday self and book cheap flight tickets today, by calling the FirstflyTravel.