Sorted out your life but still, there is a nagging void in your life that you really can’t fathom. Missing the friend hangouts that once upon a time was your lifeline. Don’t worry we know how to fill that void. Travel remedy is the best therapy that can ever happen to a person. Gather your friends and take in the travel life, then nothing seems so difficult. The globe speaks the universal language and it eagerly awaits your and your friend’s visit.

Start by venturing into the US territory as its vast topography makes it the best place to visit with your friends. Here we listed the best places to visit with your friends in the US.  List constitute best places to visit in the US, things to do there, how to reach and stay options.


List of Best Places to Visit With Your Friends in the US

1.   Las Vegas of Nevada

Planning a trip with friends to the US and Las Vegas is arguably the best place to visit with your friends in the US. Las Vegas is a labyrinth of casinos, architectural buildings, nightclubs, arcades of eateries & drinking shops, and happens to be a traveler's wet dream, especially if it’s a friend trip. Daylight or twilight, Vegas is wide awake and offers a high life.

There are a lot of do-to things in Las Vegas. Often called a sin city, you and your friends will not want to miss Las Vegas Strip for its unmatched revelry happening all the time. Fun is only just starting, hit the rooftop party, the scene up there is electric, and then off to casinos for gambling. Seek out to the Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park to see the rustic side of Las Vegas. More so, trips to the nature side can be the best cure for your and your friend’s hangover.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

Hotels are cheap, so staying is not a problem. Plushy villas, suites, hotels, resorts, skypod, penthouse… the variety is there and caters to all pockets.

How to Reach Las Vegas

To reach Vegas, one can commute through water, road, rail, and air transportation. Driving is the most preferred option within the US to reach Las Vegas, there is an Amtrak rail service, and lastly, 6 airports in Las Vegas.


2.   Miami, Florida

Miami island receives tremendous footfall throughout the seasons because of its vibrant ethos, craggy sand beaches, sumptuous eateries, shopping malls, nightlife, moderate weather, and skyline. You and your friends venturing out to Miami are going to be piqued with the artistic culture Miami holds so closely in its heart. Art Deco architecture is widely prevalent there and there are other associations like museums, art centers, and historic landmarks.

Whenever visiting Miami, take a systematic approach as the place is loaded with things to do. Firstly sun, beach, and surf are the essentials of Miami. They need to be explored right away. Proceed on to the mosaic part of Miami, there is jazz music that can be gloated time and time again, attend the film festival and theatre venues to watch the true artistry and cinema. Check out Superfine beach if you happen to be an admirer of art, the place is filled with artists and their artwork. Nocturnals can hang out at all sorts of parties and clubbing places. Club side parties, beach parties, and pool parties are a few of them to name.

Where to Stay in Miami

The sun-kissed Miami has a lot of stay-in options. For couples, there is a dedicated neighborhood, there are luxury hotels as well as cheap hotels. Family neighborhood hotels to house families and coastal houses/hotels for people who want to live alongside beaches.

How to Reach Miami

Commuting to Miami can be done through a lot of modes. Board cruise ships and enjoy the sublime water view on the way to Miami or travel to Miami by bus services or by road through vast US road networks or take the air route and land at the Miami International airport.


3.   Nashville Tennessee

Nashville really soothes in the coolest ambiance if you are a fan of aura and vibe culture. It is the birthplace of bluegrass music alongside country genre music. People flocked to this place to attend live music shows and indulge in broadway's pubs or dance hall music sessions. Notable places for music admirers are the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and several renowned FM & AM radio stations.

The music city has a lot of offerings. The Grand Ole Opry is easily one of the best things to do. You and your friends will get to attend one hell of a show, from bluegrass music to country genre to pop & r & r & r&b to gospel music the show is beseeching to come and revel. Then there is Broadway ornate with neon lights; you can do shopping, dining, clubbing, sightseeing, and hop on to the crest of music as long as you want. Lastly, there are several green spaces present in the city to chirp in and be in nature for some time.

Where to Stay in Nashville

Stay-in options are numerous. You and your friends can book in the downtown bright neon-colored hotels or check in to the East Nashville opulent hotels. The Gulch blocks are also a good option to house your stay in.

How to Reach Nashville  

Mainly there are three ways to reach Nashville – road trip, bus services, and airway. For buses, there is a metropolitan bus service and the hub is located in Nashville downtown. Nashville International Airport provides air services and the road trip is taken through interstate highways.


4.   Hawaii

A perfect spot for a friend's trip. Really an exotic location, the place is overflowing with lush greenery and woods. If you are a beachgoer, love to drench yourself in water, and breathe nature then it is one of the best places to visit with your friends in the US. You and your friend will be delighted fellows once you have entered Hawaii.

Explore the jungles on the big island and be awestruck in amazement. Enjoy the hula culture, party in native Hawaiian style, and relish the heavenly abode aura. Picture clickers will have picturesque sceneries to capture, every turn there presents a rustic natural outlook. Take a stroll on the golden sand beaches with your boyfriends and girlfriends, crash into the gentle waves of beaches, and gaze in silence till the sunsets.

Where to Stay in Hawaii

Hostels, beach houses, villas, hostels, Condo, tree houses, suites… there are a number of options you and your friend can rent out in Hawaii. The only worry is Hawaii is quite pricey but a trip worth visiting. Mokuna tree house, Montage Kapalua Bay, Oceanfront Condo, Sheraton Waikiki are some of the notable places to stay in Hawaii

How to Reach Hawaii

Hawaii has only an air route to go there. There are 3 airports through which you can travel. Most used is the Kona airport. Then there is the Hilo Airport option. The last airport is the Honolulu international airport, from there you have to take another short flight to reach Hawaii.


5.   Boston

Boston is located in Massachusetts. Its thriving college and university scene make the place brimming with more footfall. There are several first-timers here. The first public park in the US was constructed in Boston, the first public school, and the first public subway as well. You and your friends will have a lively time here as the place encompasses some of the Sanctus green and blue spaces to tour around.

Boston is flowing with things to do. If it’s your first time visiting, take on tour programs of Boston. There are cruise tours, trolley tours, beer tours, duck tours, and helicopter tours. Hikers passionately can engage in the freedom trail. Folk who adore music can revel in Boston live music shows, jazz clubs, theatre, puppet shows, and rock concerts. Picturesque architecture is going to occupy most of your camera or phone reels.

Where to stay in Boston

Boston Common and Faneuil Hall are the most prominent places around Boston. Figuratively, the place where most of the tourists reside. Besides, you and your friends can rent out on the north and west side of Boston. You will not find many places to reside but it provides a cheaper option.

How to Reach Boston

By road, you can either hire a taxi or drive in your car. Amtrak rail services if you are looking for railway mode. Cruise ships land in the Back Falcon Terminal in Boston. For airway, Boston international airport Logan can be used.

So, excited? Then what is the delay, grab your travel boots and call all your cronies. Venture out to the US and make your life lively again. Firstfly Travel is your traveler-friendly website if you are planning to travel by air. Book with us whether it’s leisure or business travel, we ask no questions and we deliver what we promised.