Travelling after your retirement can be really invigorating as exploring new places, meeting new people, trying out new food and traversing through new cultures of the places that you’ll visit. It’s said that traveling is not defined by age and anyone can travel as much and any place they want. With lesser things to worry about, you get the whole time of the world to start this phase of life too. How many times, it has happened that you’ve planned a great trip yet couldn’t able to fulfill it because of the responsibilities that were always there.




But now you can get up, and from the given bucket list destinations that our travel experts have shortlisted, you can now start planning a trip with your better half, or your friends and live these golden years of your life by making memories. We have carefully picked out destinations that will make your retirement trip worthy.



Road tripping can be a great start in getting the hang of when it comes to getting the perfect vibes of any city, to understand the history and to soak in all the coastal feels, Portugal is a no-brainer.

If you start from Lisbon, you will have plenty of time to yourself for exploring cafes and restaurants and even exploring the neighborhood. Once you’re done exploring the starting point of your trip, you can continue further by renting out a car and in three hours, you will reach Algarve, where you can see coastal bodies and are stretched from east to west.



If you’re a healthy trip enthusiast, then Masai Mara can be a great experience. You can witness some majestic beasts all around, hoofed beasts that cross every day to the crocodile-filled Mara River and this is just a fraction of what Masai Mara has to offer.

Other than that, there are many different ways in how you can enjoy Kenyan safari. You can either rent a jeep or a proper fly-in tent which has all the basic amenities. There are other options like parks, reserves and you can even get a combination of these two. Apart from all there are private conservancies which offer a great night ride among other things.



The US has plenty of places to offer where you can finish your bucket list. In fact, the US has its own share of road tripping spots, starting from amazing cities to beautiful landscapes and whatnot. The easiest way to start your journey is to plan and fill gas in your car and start your journey.

The Pacific Coast Highway runs for over 650 miles, which starts from Dana Point north to Leggett, which is kind of very hidden place, but this whole route includes many known places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara, while you will be mesmerized by the city side, the beautiful and stunning landscape will leave you in awe. From vineyards to mountains to beaches and cliffs, forest, fog banks and amazing sunsets all are on the menu on your way to Pacific Coast highway. And try to make some time for the day hike that is offered in many state parks and forests. And if you’re thinking of trying some regional wine, then try visiting the Sonoma wine region to the north of San Francisco. And after all this you can end your journey by witnessing the wilderness of Redwood national park.



To sum up all the reasons, Japan is a one stop destination to witness their dynamic culture, dazzling cities, efficient transportation and striking landscapes all over the nation. And if you’re really visiting Japan to witness cherry blossom season (regionally called as Sakura). To put it in a simple word, Japan is proud of its cherry blossom days. People here in Tokyo bring a proper picnic spread to enjoy this season, they sit and take snaps with the astonishing array of cherry blossom trees. All of this is not just limited to Tokyo, people from towns and cities and even national parks across the lands come together to witness the mesmerizing sight from dusk to dawn.

Even though this does not make Japan a no-brainer, it is more than that.  Trains run fast and efficiently, and connect almost every part of Japan together. Even though English is not the primary language that is spoken there, there are people who will be present to help you out in any way.



While Italy itself is a place to fulfil all your bucket list desires, there is something very adventurous about giving a nice chunk of time in exploring Italy’s most iconic regions: Tuscany. Florence is the crust of the art that is found there. Other than that, you’ll find some renaissance like Duomo, the Uffizi gallery and the galleria dell’ Accademia here. You can find Michelangelo’s “David” too.

Tuscany is famous for its wines and truffles, all of which can be found in the rolling hills and forests of Tuscany. Among many known wines, these are famous in Tuscan towns, including Chianti, Montalcino, and Montepulciano. And a bonus shot that you get here is the agritourism properties Aia Mattonata Relais.



Although there are many beautiful national parks, some parks are more accessible to seniors. There are many national parks which are packed into smaller regions like in Utah and Northern Arizona. If you’re looking for something crazy and edgy to do, try to explore vertigo-inducing hikes like the notoriously dangerous Angel’s Landing or opt a multi-day trek into the desert landscapes, or simply enjoy some easy sight-seeing on short, simple walks, there’s plenty here in Utah.

 The major parks in Utah are Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion, they all offer some great hikes and trails. Zion and Grand Canyon are well suited for people who are more into some spine- chilling adventures.  Bryce Canyon is the least covered, though sunrise parks and other scenic views of this area are something not to miss.



Ireland is one of the places that lives up to its hype. Around 33 million of Americans claim some Irish Ancestry, this has become most travelled by young travelers and seniors are going out to hold back their roots. No matter for  whatever reason  you’re visiting Ireland, be sure to be mesmerized by the quaint towns, cool cities and jaw-dropping emerald green landscapes. It’s a very easy and easy train ride from the bustling Dublin’s historic sites to Galway’s funky foodie scene and artsy vibe. From there you will need to rent a car to explore other amazing towns like Killarney (next to the stunning Killarney National Park), the stunning Cliffs of Moher (in County Clare), and the scenic Ring of Kerry. For this, you will be driving on the left-hand side (a bucket-list experience in our opinion).

All around Ireland, you will stumble upon some majestic abbeys and castles, and some unexpected coastal vistas that are pretty much postcard-worthy. Even though English is spoken well everywhere, you’ll see signs at all places. All of this combined with a well-oiled tourism industry, this place makes a safe place for retirees too!



Australia is more than just spotting Kangaroos, try snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef, a tour of the Outback; seeing the Sydney Opera House; trying Vegemite — everyone has a reason for wanting to visit Australia (well, the last one might be a stretch). Australia offers three reasons for retirees that make it easy for them to visit: it’s safe, travel friendly and getting around is easy. Being one of the most urbanized nations on this planet, this place has a zero chaos zone. Sydney is the home to many world-famous landmarks such as the opera house and Sydney Harbour bridge. It also includes some coolest neighborhoods and great beaches. Melbourne is the artsier alternative to Sydney, with charming boutique and cafes in spades and easy access to five different wine regions.

For a nature-made interlude from the city style, eastern Australia is filled with lush green beautiful scenery. That starts from the rugged mountains in the southern interiors to rolling hills near the coast of stunning beaches to the tropical north of Queensland.



For many travelers, Hawaii is the kind of place to end your bucket list. From jungle-clad volcano mountains, stunning beaches, dramatic seaside cliffs, luxury hotels, perfect weather, and amazing local food all put it on one list to make your trip memorable. Hawaii can be according to your taste and personality. History lovers and beach buffs will love exploring Oahu, where Honolulu and the famous Waikiki neighborhood provides you the best beaches in the world. If you’re looking for some volcano action, make sure to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the big island.

Since you’re retired, you can enjoy island time. By giving yourself enough days, you have plenty of time to explore several of the islands at a leisurely pace. And when you’re not island-hopping or soaking up the sun on the beach, you’ll find restaurants of all types catering to everyone’s taste buds, which is always a comfort when you’re far from home. from places, to every hotspot, to all types of budget friendly stay-ins, we have collected everything for you, so that you don’t focus on planning your trip, but on enjoying it. Reach out to our travel experts for all kind of queries that you will have or visit our official website