In this stressed situation, when Covid-19 has declared a pandemic and account for over 16,000 deaths worldwide, it is quite obvious that you are worried about travelling due to the coronavirus outbreak. To be assured that your travel is safe with us! Here we are summarizing some important steps which may help you, In case your flight is cancelled or you want to Cancel Your Flight In This Pandemic.


Wait to Call the Airline Until Closer to Your Scheduled Departure Date

In case you have planned your itinerary 3-4 months earlier but now not willing to go on your plan vacation, then wait until the closer to your scheduled date of travel.  By doing so you may save your all the booking amount as the airlines companies are itself canceling the flights for those countries and destination where flying is either restricted or not safe.


Contact the Airline and Other Travel Suppliers

The first thing you should do is contact the airline you’re flying and other travel suppliers. This may help you to use your credit card travel insurance anyway, and you may be relieved to find out that your trip can be cancelled or rescheduled without paying a fee.Some airlines major airlines of the USA have already announced that they are offering full refunds in response to the outbreak.

Step to Cancel Your Flight In This Pandemic

Save Your Trip from Being Forfeit

If you are not manage to get refund in return of the cancellation of your trip, all that’s left for you to save from being your trip to forfeit, make sure you contact your travel suppliers (again) and see if they are willing to work with you. They may be able to offer a partial refund, be willing to change your trip to a later date for free or for a fee, or be ready to offer a discount on future travel.


Hold of Dialing Customer Care Number if you are a Non-immediate Flight Customer-

In such scenarios when thousands of flights are getting cancel each day globally, it is requested to the non-immediate flight customers to avoid dialing customer care number in curiosity or influencing by any such misleading information. Because of those thousands of people flooding airline call centers, it is becoming tough to response even those customers who are in genuine need. It’s also in your best interest to heed that request. You’re likely to face long wait times to deal with an issue that’s not actually time-sensitive. Important notification for Delta & United Traveler that they can come to Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation to cancel flight and United Airlines Flight Cancellation for United Airlines.


Many measure airlines of the United State are considering waiving ticket cancellation fees amid coronavirus outbreak

In light of hardship faced by passengers, airlines may like to consider and take an appropriate call in this hardship situation for customers who have invested their hard money to book flight tickets. You can use this steps to Cancel Your Flight In This Pandemic.