What could be better than a gift full of adventures?

For yourself or for your loved ones, it’s a treasure for both. Imagine unwrapping a gift box that leads you the way to your magical favorite destinations! And it’ll be the cherry on top when it’s Merry Merry Christmas.  

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The most awaited time is almost here, and you must have started getting those questions in your mind about what to gift your loved ones. So, here we are with the best idea of all time! Adventure & Travel. Surprise someone with a trip & that would be the ultimate present, to give as well as to receive. A fuzzy sweater or a gadget wrapped up in a box may make the receiver happy for a while. But, there’re no questions about a memorable travel experience that guarantees to deliver long-term happiness. The pandemic had closed the gates for the traveling world for some time. But, this year, you can make someone’s Christmas worth remembering.  

Best Travel Ideas On Christmas

But for that, do you think all you need to do is just buy some tickets, get them gift-wrapped, and hide under the Christmas tree, that’s it? No way!  You have to be very attentive to certain things. 

Surprising someone with a journey as a gift can be striking and has equal chances of being disastrous in case you aren’t careful. Here’s the best-curated data from the experience of different people around the world. The tips and tricks that you can use to make Christmas more merrier. 


You have to make sure whether they’ll be available around the dates. When you are unsure about the person's availability on particular dates, you are advised not to make the actual bookings. But surprising them with the idea of a trip would still be fun. However, even after not being sure, if you still want to make the bookings for real, make sure you get the refundable plan. For that, you can talk to our travel experts +1-866-383-9353


In specific cases when you just know that the recipient loves traveling, but you are not in a situation to decide exactly when and where they’ll want to go. This is a great way to surprise grandparents with a travel gift, who have grandkids. You can bucket-list worthy travel destinations around the country. Resorts, Disney, and even a few cruise lines also sell travel gift cards, making this a flexible way to present the journey without diving into a particular reservation.




This one needs to be pretty obvious, but don’t use someone else’s miles or points to e-book a marvel ride even though it is your fiance or someone you live with. This is a horrific idea for more than one motive, but on a sensible level, they're likely to peer the redemption in their account or inbox, so the surprise will likely be ruined.


When planning to gift a trip, take care of all the little details. You have to stay prepared for specific things. For example, if they need a place to stay, you'll want to make sure that price and availability aren't going to be a problem. For that part, you can talk to our certified experts, who’ll provide you with the most affordable hotels bookings here as per your needs. Essentially, you need to undergo all the critical components of the trip and pre-plan or at least safely research the provision of all of the crucial components.

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If you’re going to gift a trip, think through how much the gift will ultimately cost the person traveling.  Like, what if the airline doesn’t have the availability of certain meals and drinks? What if they charge a lot for baggage and other things? What if the person gets hotel bookings at a very high price? So, make sure to always consult the certified experts so that they can keep all your needs at the top and provide you with the best available and affordable deals for flights and hotel bookings.  

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Now comes the most important and underrated thing, the gift wrap. It’s pretty fun to strategize an indelible way for the receiver to uncover the gift. Like, you can do the wrapping of a trip to Paris in a box of macarons or a ski trip in a box of fake snow. Surprising someone with a vacation may be a bit riskier than a sweatshirt, gift card, or blanket, but it can also be way more rewarding for everyone involved if you can pull it off. If you are looking for Christmas day flights for yourself or planning on surprising your loved ones with a trip this Christmas, you’ve landed on the right page. Get an absolute 20% OFF on your first airline ticket reservation. What more!

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Enjoy the incredible Christmas day deals and make this Christmas a very merry Christmas with First Fly Travel, your travel planner!