Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ, which is observed on 25th December. Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of a messiah that started Christianity and is a very prominent spiritual leader around the World.

It’s time you get back to the rejoice mode of the annual holiday season. The holiday season is all about Christmas traditions. One of the most happening festivals all around the world that is even enjoyed and celebrated by many of the people who aren't Christians. Christmas is celebrated in over 160 countries in some or the other form. The Christmas is the best time to spend your precious time to hang out with your friends and family that are close to your heart. This also depicts that the year is ending but the bond stays and gets stronger through the years that pass by. This is the best time to say thanks and spend that quality time with your people who stayed with you this whole year and you could catch up despite this busy schedule that keeps you hanging in between managing your work and personal life. Every place and everyone have their own personal style of celebrating this festival. One of the most famous traditions is the Santa Clause that means that to get joy is to give joy. To gift and do good things for everyone around you and make them feel loved and valued.


Here is the list of Christmas traditions all packed for you so that you don’t forget any of it and it will be all bling Christmassy vibes:




Watching a Christmas movie is an American tradition that is getting into your most cute Christmassy PJ, a baggy sweater, colorful socks and get cozy in your snow blanket take some popcorn and grab a hot chocolate or a classic glass of wine and you are all set to rock the show. Don’t forget to turn off the lights and higher the volume of the speaker. Netflix and Amazon Prime has a huge Christmas movie that are all feel-good movies that makes your mind ready for the holiday season. As most of us has a lot of time and its chilly outside, a great movie that will lead you to do good is never a bad idea.    



After you have done watching a Christmas movie you and your mind is all ready for all the Christmas shenanigans because why let that little kid inside you die without making him/her happy. Christmas tree is one of the best and the oldest traditions to step into. The people who don’t want to put in all the effort to this festival and enjoy their holidays do at least this much. The Christmas tree depicts your prosperity and your will to do good for others and make others day by sharing even a little. You can find a Christmas tree of any shape and size of your choice and then can decorate with fairy lights, garlands, tassels, trinkets or any sort of ornaments.



Decorations are a great part of the Christmas tradition. To set the vibe not only the tree is to be decorated but the whole house with a lot of bright lights, stars, gifts, shiny glossy things, cute socks, Elfs and wishes. Even the colors of Christmas depict different thing the green of the tree says that giving and taking gifts and joy are evergreen, white depicts that everyone is the same as the base and red here depicts the bloodshed done by the Jesus and his sacrifices for the humanity. The bells show us the catholic urge that God is always there even if you don’t have anybody else.



A mistletoe is originally a plant that is either a willow, apple tree or oak tree. A mistletoe is said to have some mystic powers. It is supposedly hanged at the main door or yard to bring happiness at your place. It is believed that the mistletoe is brings the good luck to the home and the people residing there and cut down all the evil spirits that from the door. This is also a sign of strong selfless friendships and unconditional love. The traditions to kiss under the mistletoe comes from England.




While food is the thing we live on and live for, the genuine course of baking together is regularly a family custom in itself. Making cookies, baking pies, or building gingerbread houses conforms to the occasion soul that it is smarter to give than get. This tradition makes us time to spend the day or evening baking together from the grandma to grandson where the spending time talking about traditions and talking about their old stories or their kid’s stories to their grandchildren so that they let to know what is their family like, and shall pass these to their children to maintain their kinship. According to the Catholic church these cookies are intended to remind us of when God created Adam in the Garden of Eden and therefore his creation of all of us.




Who doesn’t like those little gifts we get and even if they pretend to be cool with it, everyone is deep down being happy about that little thing. The greatest things of all are giving happiness to the people and surprise them and the smile on their face and the eyes are indeed unbeatable. This tradition goes back to the three wise men when Christ was born. There are a few organized ways to give Christmas presents too. In workplaces or clubs, one well known practice of exchanging presents is through a tradition called "Secret Santa” this is when you are given someone’s name and you have to get them a present but they don’t know you. A pleasant wind on the "Secret Santa" custom is known as "White Elephant". In this practice, all gifts are put in a center point. Numbers are drawn for when every member will pick a gift. Beneficiaries have the choice to take a formerly opened gift from someone else or test their luck by choosing an opened-up gift.  As you approach your vacation shopping, recall Christmas is an opportunity to ponder others and the delight of giving rather than getting.



Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition where a unique scout is shipped off your home from the North Pole to urge children to keep the peace and have patience. The thought is that Santa's little partner watches the kids by day and every evening he gets back towards the North Pole to provide details regarding whether they were good or bad. The Christmas custom has only two guidelines: To start with, kids are not permitted to touch the elf or it will lose its magic. The second rule of Elf on the Shelf is that the Elf won't talk or move while the children are conscious. The elf possibly moves from its place at night and goes back towards the North Pole and when he comes back from the North Pole, he will change its position and prior location.



Nothing says "Christmas is here" very like the Christmas carols of bubbly music meeting our cold eardrums. Christmas carols particularly introduce an extraordinary warmth and euphoria that light up the cold weather a very long time for all. As the word carol means an upbeat tune which proposes the lyrics that unite us and associate us in gatherings of shared insight and sentiments. Whereas Christmas carols are really strict in nature while Christmas tunes are mainstream with large numbers of the customary Christmas hymns are over shadowed by in vogue Christmas tunes and the most famous tunes, are sung by pop stars. Christams songs can in any case be heard in chapel and in certain schools.




Last but not the least keeping in mind that the year is almost ending and we must appreciate the people who stood by us and believed in us when no one else did. Exchanging greeting cards has become a huge tradition during the holidays. It is a great way to communicate with friends and family and express that you are thinking of them. Because all of us are fighting our own battles and its lovely to be wanted by the people who actually care. We should thank and make promises to the people who actually matter to us and therefore we should write thankyou notes to people.


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