Air Malta is the flag carrier of Malta and operates flights across Europe and some Middle Eastern destinations from its base at Malta International Airport. Air Malta is certified as a 3-star Airline. The airline operates on a low-budget model and offers a reasonable fare to passengers. The airline serves over 20 prominent destinations across Europe.


Booking Air Malta flights is a perfect way to start an extraordinary European trip. Air Malta covers all the significant destinations while offering cheap fares, allowing you to travel more while spending less. 

The Best Places To Visit With Air Malta Flights

Europe is a magnificent destination to travel to and spend some time in. Europe is a place that can offer something for everyone in every age group. Being a historic location, there are a lot of old monuments and architectural wonders that attract many people to this region.

People who like to travel while enjoying different foods love to travel to Europe, as it has an extensive and elaborate palate of cuisine and flavors. The region offers various food options, including the popular Swiss chocolate from Switzerland, the famous croissants of France, the Jamón ibérico of Spain, fresh loaves of bread from a traditional French bakery, and the iconic plates of pasta from Italy. 

You should visit Europe yourself and  Air Malta Airlines Tickets will open the door to traveling worldwide for you, in great comfort and hospitality without burning a hole in your pocket. The airlines cover almost all the major destinations in Europe, some of which are 

  • Rome

  • Naples

  • Monaco

  • Milan

  • Geneva

  • Paris

  • London

  • Amsterdam

  • Dusseldorf

  • Berlin

  • Prague

  • Brussels

  • Vienna 

  • Munich

  • Zurich

  • Madrid

The Best Time To Travel is To Visit Europe

What is the best time to visit Europe? There is no correct answer because Europe is a year-round destination. No matter when you visit Europe, there is something you can enjoy at any time. If you plan to visit in the summer, visiting France's famous grape farms and wineries is the best option. 

If you prefer the winter, visiting Switzerland might be the place to go. Or, like many people across the world, you want to visit Europe to experience the local food and culture. There is something you can enjoy in Europe anytime you plan to visit. No matter when you plan to visit Europe, the only thing you need to do to begin your trip is look into Air Malta Airlines Reservations.

Things To Do while visiting Europe

Europe offers many activities and experiences to enjoy while visiting the region. And Air Malta will be the perfect companion for traveling to European destinations. Some of the things and places that people love to experience and visit our 


  • Visiting the Eiffel Tower 

  • Ride the famous water taxi of Venice

  • Bike rides beside the canals of Amsterdam.

  • Skiing on the Italian Dolomites

  • Cars drive on the cliffs of Ireland

  • Take a cruise to the Arctic Circle

  • Try authentic Scotch Whiskey in Scotland

  • Celebrate Christmas in Prague

  • See the Northern Lights 

  • Visit the Grand Colosseum of Rome 

  • Watch the Big Ben in London 

  • Drink the famous Guinness Beer in Dublin

  • Stay at the Blue and White Santorini

  • Visit the famous pubs of Dublin

  • Swim at the beaches of Croatia 

  • Visit the churches and palaces of Budapest

  • Historic Castles of Scotland

  • and drink wine at Wineries in Italy

  • Taste different types of cheeses in France

Benefits Of Booking Air Malta Flights 

Air Malta is certified as a 3-star Airline, which means the airline offers excellent customer service. The airlines provide complimentary snacks and beverages. The seats are comfortable, with ample space and decent legroom. You can enjoy your time on the flight by watching different entertainment options, such as movies, shows, and games, on your seat's entertainment screen.

You can also select the meal and beverages from various options present aboard. Air Malta also allows generous baggage allowance so you can carry bigger and heavier bags, which is perfect while planning long trips. So the only thing left to do is book your Air Malta Airlines tickets and start your journey into Europe. 

How To Book Flights With Air Malta

Air Malta has created a simple and direct way for passengers to book flight tickets. Passengers can book a ticket to any destination that Air Malta serves by going to the Air Malta website at and making a reservation through the website. Passengers can also contact any travel company and book the flight ticket through the travel agent.

Suppose you want to have any specific details or make any special request. In that case, you can directly contact an Air Malta Airlines customer service representative and book your ticket. Passengers can use these methods to book their tickets with Air Malta. 

Final Thought 

Europe is the place to visit that will give you memories for a lifetime, and there is no right or wrong time to visit the region. So pack your bags, book yourself Air Malta Airlines Flights, and let the incredible journey of your life begin.