What truly sets the USA apart is its richness and above all freedom. Vast topography has contributed a lot to the country’s tourism. Believe it or not, the USA travels 80 million times a year, and people still are perplexed by fun facts about the United States as the nation is gripped by so many gospels & mysteries. People have visited the United States oodles times and are still left with so many tidbits of information to discover.

After undertaking a lot of research and analysis, Firstfly presents you with some of the mind-boggling fun facts about the United States. It sounds maybe a bit tedious in the beginning, but you're gonna love it as we slowly pick up the pace. 


Here is the List of Fun Facts About the United States

  • Once upon a time, Washington DC didn't hold the capital city title of the United States, instead it was New York City. So odd, that piece of information looks surreal as the NY city is always renowned for its big concrete buildings. From 1785 to 1790, NY city was established as the capital city of the USA.
  • The United States flag has 27 versions to it. The latest one comes with 13 stripes and 50 stars. All 13 stripes represent the original 13 colonies that formed the US. 50 stars depict the United States 50 states. Initially, the flag only holds 13 stars, and with time stars have gone up due to the arrival/formation of more states.
  • USA Universities are still difficult to topple. The United States education system is considered the best on the planet. The education system which the USA has may have its faults but result-wise no nation comes near the USA. Ivy leagues and Harvard university are typical examples of the United States greatness.
  • Flaring music industry is another interesting fun fact about the United States. The nation is a melting pot of cultures and simultaneously is the melting pot of music pioneers. Jazz, rock, blues, country, electronic, gospel, r&b, rap, pop, Latin, hip hop, rock n roll, reggae, and house genres all started and became big in the United States.
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  • The Hollywood industry is the world’s prevailing cinema industry and the most profitable film industry. Paparazzi word is not just conjured up out of thin air, it’s because the United States cinematic world is fervor worldwide making paparazzi populous among the masses. The total income driven from the United States cinematic and theatrical world till now would be around 370 USD million.
  • English is the most spoken language in the USA but is not the official language of the US. Surprised !! Only 16 states of the US have declared English as the official language. At the moment, the federal government has not declared any language official in the legal memorandum of the United States.
  • Another fun fact about the United States is many consider Jamestown city of Virginia to be the oldest city in the USA but in reality, it is the oldest Englishmen settlement. St. Augustine is the actual oldest city.
  • Earlier women in space operations are a rare sight but not today. Do you know who has spent the most cumulative time in space? That accolade goes to a woman astronaut. Her name is Peggy Whitson of the United States.
  • The old United States was molded in horses and cowboy culture. Wild Mustang horses were quite a popular theme back in the day. Did you know Mustang were not natives of the United States? They were imported and belong to the section of Spanish or Iberia horses.
  • The United States has the greatest number of dinosaur fossils and they also have several species of dinosaur fossils. Most of the finds were in the desert where there is only sand and rock.