Emirates Airline, founded on 25th march 1985, is the largest airline and one of the two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is based in Garhoud, Dubai, this airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group. To which, the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai is the owner. It's the largest airline in the Middle east. It operated over 3,600 flights per week from its hub at Terminal 3 at THe Dubai International Airport before the pandemic happened. It operates to over 150 cities over 80 counties across the 6 continents through its fleet of nearly 300 aircrafts. Emirates Skycargo undertakes the cargo activities.

Emirates Airline is the world’s fourth largest by scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown and the second-largest in terms of freight tonne kilometers flown. Emirates Airline operates an amalgamation of Airbus and Boeing wide-body Aircraft and it is considered into one of those Airline that operate an all-wide-body aircraft fleet. In september 2021, Emirates is the largest Airbus A380 with 119 aircraft that are in service and the rest 3 are in order.



Emirates Airline have four types of cabins and each of the cabins come up with their own unique features and Emirates Airline in-flight amenities.


  • Emirates Airline first-class experience starts with the chauffeur-driven ride to the airports in their flagship Mercedes benz-S class.
  • There are two types of first-class seating, the first one is a fully enclosed suite with floor to ceiling door and the other is a private suite with doors that close but doesn't extend to the ceiling. Both suites come with a closing door to provide privacy with a mini bar, a coat rack and storage.
  • They also feature the ICE system on a 23” wide (58 cm) LCD screen in the private suites and a 32” wide (81 cm) on the fully enclosed suite.
  • The seat converts into a 2-metre-long (79”) fully flat bed. Private suites are available on 3 class Airbus A380-800 and 3 class Boeing 777-300ER Aircrafts, also the fully enclosed sites are available on the recently delivered Boeing 777-300ER Aircraft. On the newly delivered Airbus A380-800 first class features private suites and is equipped with two showers and a spa, it also has access to the first-class bar and lounge area.
  • Emirates Airline newly launched first class cabins are configured with six suites with a layout of 1-1-1. The middle suite has a window that shows the live feed of aircrafts outside in real-time. Middle suites are equipped with 3 virtual windows, which are HD LCD screens as they show real-image using HD cameras that are present on both sides of the aircraft. Monitors are equipped on either side of the entertainment screen, other than that a 13” tablet with front camera is provided to communicate with the new members or to even order room services. Emirates Airline recently introduced a new seat in alliance with Mercedes Benz, which features a no gravity position. These suits resemble “a private bedroom on a luxury yacht”.




  • Emirates Airline Business Class on Boeing 777-200LRs and Boeing 777-300ERs have seats with a 1.5 metre- long (60”) pitch which reclines to 2 metre-long (79”), angled lie- flat beds. Amenities here include massage function, privacy partition, winged headrest that has a six-way movement, two discrete reading lights and there's an overhead light on every seat, in-seat power supply, USB ports and a RCA socket. For laptop connections and more than 600 entertainment channels of ICE, shown on a 23” wide (58 cm) HD TV screen.
  • The seat reclines to a fully flatbed on Airbus A380-800 aircraft and is also equipped with mini bars. The pitch makes the business class seats on Airbus A380 23cm (9”) shorter than others by 1.8m (70”) long. Emirates Airline business class passengers have access to the on board bar at the rear part of the aircraft.



Emirates Airline Currently only one Airbus A380 in Emirates Airline fleet has an economy class. The cabin along with the delivery of Emirates Airline is prepared to be introduced on Boeing 777X in 2025. The seats will also be installed in Boeing 777-300ERs. And in December 2020, The CEO of Emirates Airline announced that Premium Economy Class will be equipped with the Recaro PL3530 seats.



Emirates Airline Economy class offers a 79-81 cm long (31-32”) seat pitch on Airbus aircraft and 86cm (34”) on Boeing aircraft with a standard size width, excluding the Boeing 777X, Emirates Airline has ten seats per row. It has an adjustable headrest, a 3000- channel ICE, inflight entertainment system. It is equipped with a laptop power outlet on new aircrafts, laptop charging facilities in older aircrafts and there’s an additional recline on A380 economy flight deals.



  • Emirates Airline Flights Catering is the source from where Emirates gets its catering, it is one of the largest Airline with this kind of catering facilities in the world. Emirates Airline has a special meal section and categories in all classes, and the food is also served according to the demand of the passengers like age, dietary restrictions, preference and religious observance. Other than this, special meals should be ordered in advance before 24 hours of departure. However, all meals in Emirates Airline are prepared according to Halal dietary guidelines.
  • As mentioned, Emirates Airline signed a $40 million joint venture in Oakland and in California, based crop one holdings, to maintain and build the world’s largest Hydroponic growing facility and it is believed that roughly 3 tons of leafy greens per day is yielded which is grown in 150,000 square foot vertical indoor farms.


FOOD ON EMIRATES FIRST CLASS:  Passengers can enjoy gourmet dishes up in the sky, a 3-course meal which includes an appetiser, main course and side dish with freshly baked bread and cheese board. Passengers of a private suite can order their food in their suite itself.

FOOD ON EMIRATES BUSINESS CLASS: The food here is inspired by the passenger’s destination, which also includes a 3-course meal and snacks.

FOOD ON EMIRATES ECONOMY CLASS: Passengers of this class can choose a menu, according to their destination which also has a 3-course meal and snacks.



Emirates Airline provides a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including spirits, cocktails, mocktails, wine, beers, even soft drinks, juices and hot drinks.

Passengers in Economy class are generally given complimentary soft drinks, tea and coffee, with alcoholic beverages available for purchase.

Business and First-Class passengers are offered complimentary Champagne, wine, spirits, beer and soft drinks. They all are served along with their meal, and passengers can order available drinks directly either in their suites or on-board lounge.




You can check-in online 48 hours ahead of the departure of your flight. You can select your favourite seat, dietary meal and even take advantage of any last-minute upgrade.


At the airport, it's easy, quick and hassle-free to drop your bags at the self-check-in kiosk or you can go to the desks for the same. 24 hours before the departure, you can drop your luggage and in case you're flying to the US, drop your bag 12 hours before the departure. You can either collect your boarding pass or download a digital one to use at the airports.




Passengers who are travelling in Emirates Airline First class or Business class are allowed to carry two items of carry-on baggage; one briefcase not exceeding (18x14x8”) or a handbag of max 22x15x8” or a garment bag max 8 inches thick when folded. The baggage should not exceed the weight of 7 kg.

Economy class passengers are allowed only one carry-on baggage which should not exceed more than 55x28x20 cm or 7kg in weight.

Flights to all routes except Canada, North America and South America.



Passengers with a “special” ticket can carry 20 kgs of checked luggage. Economy passengers with a: saver” or “flex” ticket are permitted to carry 30 kg of checked luggage and passengers with a “flex plus” can carry up to 35 kg of checked luggage.


Passengers are allowed to carry 40 kgs of checked luggage.


  • Passengers are permitted to use 50 kg of checked luggage.
  • There’s no limitation on how many articles you can carry, but the total weight should not exceed 32 kg and it should remain under the 118” (length X width X height) dimensions.



Steps to Booking Cheap Emirates Airline flight tickets is the simplest thing that you can do right now.

  • You can begin by visiting the official Emirates Airline website and select the “book my flight” option and enter the departure and arrival airport.
  • Further on, enter the journey’s date, followed by your preferred traveling class and the number of passengers that are traveling.
  • After this, take your pick from daily and weekly flights that serve to more than 155 destinations from across the globe.
  • At this stage, you can collate the different flights, their fares and if the timing fits in.

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