United Airlines is one of America and the world’s biggest airlines. It runs hubs in Houston, Newark, Denver, San Francisco, Washington-Dulles, Los Angeles, and Guam. It’s the largest airline in Chicago at O’Hare International. United Airlines has one of the most famous flights in the United States, and there are excellent ways of collecting award-winning miles. United Airlines have frequent flyer program named as United Airlines MileagePlus.

United MileagePlus is among the most rewarding loyalty programs due to its premium travel and shopping partners, co-branded credit cards, and miles. You can earn miles, travel with United Airlines and its subsidiaries, and earn miles with retail partners or take advantage of exclusive deals.


Flying with United Airlines

United Airlines has changed the way you earn miles on United flights. You can now receive United Airlines MileagePlus miles based on your ticket’s simple price rather than on miles traveled. If you have an elite ranking, the higher your status, the more miles you earn.

  • No status – 5 miles per dollar
  • Silver – 7 miles per dollar
  • Gold – 8 miles per dollar
  • Platinum – 9 miles per dollar
  • Premier 1K – 11 miles per dollar


Co-Branded United Airlines MileagePlus Credit Cards

United Airlines is one of the easiest ways to gain miles by Chase’s co-branded MileagePlus credit cards. Each card will dole a number of miles after a card has been accepted and meets a minimum standard of expenditure within a few months.

Chase provides a few loyalty cards that allow you to move points to the United Airlines MileagePlus program. You can sign up for such cards instead of or in addition to other co-branded United Airlines MileagePlus credit cards from Chase. These cards are versatile relative to United Airlines MileagePlus, and they are eligible to pass miles to United airlines and partners. Remember you can use this MileagePlus points to book Cheap United Airlines Flight Tickets.


Refer a Friend for Bonus Miles

Chase is given a limited time bonus every few months so that cardholders can submit a friend to the United Explorer Card. It is incredibly easy to give invites to friends. You can receive 5,000 Bonus Miles when the person you’re inviting is accepted, and they purchase with their card within three months.

These time-limited reference deals can be one of the easiest ways to gain lots of miles from United Airlines MileagePlus.


Marriott Credit Cards

While it might seem odd, a few hotel credit cards are excellent ways to gain miles with United MileagePlus. Marriott helps you to pass miles to United Airlines MileagePlus in a 3:1 ratio from your Marriott Rewards account.

Remember that for every 60,000 points you convert to airline miles, you will earn an additional 15,000 points. You also get 10 percent more bonus points for United with a package called Rewards Plus.

A very important thing for passengers, if you have any reason and want to postpone your travel then choose United Airlines Cancel Flight option.


Shopping Portals

Shopping portals are an excellent way to gain additional miles on your orders. The United MileagePlus shopping portal helps you to gain miles. Just log in and start shopping is all you must do. The portal contains more than 850 United Airlines MileagePlus retailers. Be vigilant about limited-time deals on your favorite shops, which offer even more bonus miles. They are displayed on the website and in the Offers section.

It is wise to look at the various ways you can save miles if you are keen to explore the globe on a limited budget. More miles can mean more journeys, more flights, or upgrades to first-class or business.