Travel industry is on the brink of getting back to its pre-pandemic numbers as seen in the past few years. This scenario is causing trouble for those who face difficulty making reservations or don't know how to reach out to united airline customer service agents. In addition, they experience troubles during cancellations & refunds. United Airlines offer plenty of amazing services, but many are unaware of this because of lack of complete information and assistance. Many might be unaware of the fact that one can take advantage of 24/7 united airlines customer service at any time, from anywhere around the world.

So, we are here to help you to guide you how to utilize the services and handsome discount offers that United Airlines provides. With this article you’ll be able to figure out- How you can reach united airlines customer services Quickly.


Facilities You Get United Airlines Customer Service

Getting your Refund & Cancelation related issues resolved

United Airlines offers best customer service to its passengers for refund-related queries. If you want to get assistance for refund problems, policies, submitting refund requests, and checking refund status with United Airlines, you can check the information by clicking here.


Getting Your Reservation Related Issues Resolved

With the help of United Airlines customer service, passengers who face trouble while making reservations or managing existing booking-related queries can have the best services. After making your United Airlines flight bookings online through an online travel agency, you can also make changes directly through the United Airlines Website. You just need to keep in mind that United Airlines currently has a one-time fifty-dollar per-ticket service fee that applies for tickets that are up for change on all travel agency bookings, which can be taken care of on United Airlines. For USA and Canada reservations assistance, you can call on 1-800-490-2021.


Getting Your Baggage Related Issues Resolved

Getting your baggage damaged or lost can spoil your whole journey, especially if it happens at the beginning of your journey. To get this kind of issue resolved, you can get in touch with cabin crew members at the airport to get your claim initiated and to get a follow-up afterward. Just in case you don’t get your claim initiated, you can contact the United Airlines baggage service line.

To ask for feedback on the inconvenience, you can still consider contacting United Airlines, even after getting your baggage issue resolved.

You Can Contact On: 1-281-821-3526/1-877-437-6758 (Toll-free for the US and Canada) Click here for more info.


Getting Your Lost & Find Items Related Issues Resolved

If you go through that lost and found phase while traveling by air, you can have access to the best assistance provided by united airlines customer service. Staying confused and stressed about something you lost on a plane is not an option when you can have it reported to the united airlines customer service. Once you submit the report for the lost item, after receiving the confirmation mail, you’ll be provided with the description of the lost item that matches your provided description over an email. And thus, you can get your lost & found item-related issue resolved.


Getting Your In-Cabin Pet Transportation-related Issues Resolved

To get your in-cabin pet transportation issues resolved, you can contact 1-800- United-1(1-800-864-8331). This assistance is available if you are from the U.S. and Canada.


Reach United Airlines Customer Service Via Call

Once you call on a toll-free United- Airlines OTA No. number, you will hear an automated voice asking you to make appropriate selections for getting assistance.

  • To do inquiries related to reservations and bookings.
  • To cancel bookings and apply for a refund.
  • To do an inquiry about baggage allowances and lost baggage.
  • To do an inquiry about group travel.
  • To connect your call with a customer care support agent.

Here’s The Step-By-Step Guide: -

  • Place a call on United Airlines number 1-800-864-8331 or 1-802-856-8331, then you’ll hear an automated voice that will provide you with the instructions related to the service.
  • Following that robotic instruction, your call will be diverted to a live representative who will then resolve all your queries.

This option is the most convenient one for the customers who want immediate assistance in real-time by contacting the Airlines service agent directly. As, United Airlines call support is open 24*7 and allows the customer to get in touch with a live customer support agent to get any kind of help.


Reach United Airlines Customer Service Via Chat

Other than calling, contacting United Airlines service through text messaging is also convenient. It’s a form of live chat, through which you can have a conversation with an Airline service agent getting responses to your texts promptly. And thus, you can get your problem solved in real-time. To know more about the Airline service agent via chat, click here.


Reach United Airlines Customer Service Via Social Media


Reach United Airlines Customer Service Via E-Mail

To get the services without any delay, you can contact the official e-mail id of United Airlines. Here are the details of some of the airline-service mailing accounts of United Airlines.

United News & Deals

MileagePlus Statement

MileagePlus Partner​​

MileagePlus Program​​

Flight status notifications


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We hope this informative article has provided you with all the necessary information that you might need while traveling by air. You must be missing out on so many facilities that a united airline customer service offers. But, after reading this article, we hope you’ll be able to enjoy all the services when needed.