Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, US carrier Delta Airlines decided to ground its 600 aircraft as passenger operation was globally collapsed. Along with this, the airline reduced its flying capacity up to 70% till the time demand was restored. Delta Airlines blocked middle seats on all flights throughout spring break and Easter to provide more space between passengers. Delta Airlines released its policies that it will block middle seats in most of the cabins although choices will be given to people to sit either in a group of three or more passengers. Also at the peak, Delta Airlines started monitoring virus cases and vaccination till the time seats policies are reevaluated. Delta Airlines was economically affected too. It lost a great $5.7 billion in the three months as the pandemic affected both; the consumer demand and confidence in air travel.



Delta Airlines also referred to as delta. Is one of the major airlines of the United States, it is a legacy carrier and it headquarter is located in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta airlines along with its branch and regional associates operates around 5400 flights daily, has 325 destination in 52 countries of six different continents.

It is also the founding member of the Skyteam Airline Alliance. Delta Airlines has a total of 9 hubs out of which Atlanta is the largest in terms of total passengers and total no. of departures. It has gained second position among the world’s largest airlines by the amount of passengers it carries, and fleet size. On the Fortune 500, it is ranked 69th place.



Delta Airlines cancellation policy is extremely flexible and it is always a service to help passengers who don’t wish to fly again or who seek refund as travel credit. It announced new temporary rules for their basic economy tickets. The new changes were applied from March 30, 2021 as Delta expanded its COVID policy.

  • New bookings made through March 30, 2021: All fares including basic economy, unlimited changes are allowed, but should be made within a year of original booking.
  • New bookings made after March 30, 2021: non-basic economy coming from North America can be charged without any fee.



Passengers of Delta Airlines can now reserve middle seats for flights on Sunday and Monday Delta Airlines have started their bookings from May 1, ending social-distancing policy after a year. Delta Airlines executives are being hopeful that there will be a hike on booking after the minor changes in the policies, with all the screening and monitoring, as cases are also going down.

The notice regarding all the guidelines and policies imposed by DOT state that they will provide a timeline to the passengers so that they become adaptable with the regulations by informing passengers about canceled flights with vouchers as they are entitles to a cash refund. For more contact us directly for any query.