Japan Airlines offers effective cancellation and refund services to provide influential consumer assistance. Japan Airlines’ cancellation policy has been frequently updated since the COVID-19 situation. This informative page conveys everything you need to understand regarding domestic and international flight cancellations on Japan Airlines.

In case your Japan Airlines flight is canceled or changed, or any management levies an entry restriction. In that case, you can easily postpone or cancel your flight free of cost. (without paying any cancellation fees)

Japan Airlines Cancellation Policy

Japan Airlines’ cancellation fee disclaims(due to COVID-19) lays to all international flights leaving on/before April 25, 2022 (yet all the fare controls), as they begin with 131 to meet the following necessities:

  • If the flight schedule is modified or the flight is canceled. In that case, cancel your ticket without liability (without paying any cancellation fees) as long as you do it at least 1 day before flight departure.

  • Suppose you cannot fly due to travel constraints charged by the destination city you're traveling to. In that case, cancel the ticket 2 months before departure. Till the time of departure date, you'll get a full refund without paying any cancellation fees. 

  • Japan Airlines’ cancellation policy (since the COVID-19 conditions) also functions over JMB Award Tickets and domestic fees for non-Japanese residents. 

  • Domestic Japan Airlines tickets (for flights within Japan) initiating with 131-14, 131-875~9, and domestic EMDs commencing with 131-553 are restricted from the cancellation fee release.

  • Suppose you’re canceling the ticket willingly due to a change of travel plans. In that case, the cancellation rules on your ticket and reach the origin of purchase for more details on cancellations and refunds.

  • Suppose a domestic flight within Japan is canceled, delayed by more than 30 minutes, or delayed (for any reason). In that case, you can opt for an alternative flight or cancel it to get a refund.

  • If you booked a ticket from the United States, you can hold the booking for 24 hours at the mentioned fare without payment or cancel and refund your ticket within 24 hours of purchase. If you make the Japan Airlines flight bookings at least 1 week before the departure. 


Cancellation Procedure Of Japan Airlines

If your ticket qualifies for a refund, you can cancel your flight booking or get a refund according to the fare rules. If you cancel a JMB Award ticket, the JMB miles will be credited to your JMB account without liability. If you got your ticket from a travel agency, reach them instantly to process the cancellation and refund.


Refund Request Deadline 

Cancellation  Of International Flight

An international flight leaving on or before April 25, 2022, is modified or canceled. 

Cancel at least 1 day before the departure

Cancel online via JAL's website: "Manage Booking." 

Cancel by phone Note. If you're charged a cancellation fee when canceling online, call Japanese Airlines to proceed with the cancellation and refund.

Unable to fly due to travel restrictions set by the destination city

Request the cancellation and refund within 2 months of departure up to the departure date

Fill out and submit the online International Refund Application Form by phone


How To Cancel Japan Airlines Flight Tickets By Phone Call? 

To cancel and refund of Japan Airlines flight ticket: 

  • Place a call to Japan Airlines (open 24/7).

  • Contact the Japan Airlines Call Center in your city/country (call within business hours) 

Note: Cancel the tickets within the cancellation deadline. The Ticket Service charge paid while buying the ticket is non-refundable. Refund requests will be considered for qualified tickets.


How To Apply For Japan Airlines Refund Request?

  • For the unused tickets, within 1 year and 30 days from the ticket’s issue date. 

  • For used tickets Within 1 year and 30 days from the date of travel. Commencement.

  • Refund requests for the JMB Partner Airlines Award Tickets/Oneworld Award Tickets should be created within 1 year from the ticket issue date.


How To Apply For Japan Airlines Refund?

According to Japan Airlines Refund Policy, just apply for an online refund or by phone, depending on how you bought your ticket:

Mode Of Purchase 

Apply For Refund 

Japan Airlines Website

Tickets originating from the US reach JAL’s US Reservation Center) JAL Reservation Center (City Counter of the country of purchase)

JAL ReservationCenter (International/Airport/City Counter)

JAL Reservation Center (City Counter of the country of purchase) 

Travel Agency

The travel agency from where you bought your ticket

Japan Airlines Refund Policy: Processing Time 

  • The refund processing time will depend on how you bought your ticket—by credit card or cash.

  • Purchases from the credit card will be refunded to the credit card account for buying the ticket/EMD and can take about 2 months to showcase on the statement. If adjustments with other airlines are needed, it can take longer.

  • Cash purchases will be refunded to the appointed bank account within 2 weeks after the receipt of the refund application, subject to a bank transfer fee at the passenger’s payment. In most cases, the refund will be transferred to the passenger named on the ticket. Additional time can be needed in case adjustments with other airlines.

Japan Airlines Cancellation Charges: International Sector 

Cancellation charges for international flights rely on travel/booking class. If a ticket combines 2 separate fares (half-round trips), the multiple restrictive fare conditions will apply to the itinerary. In case of changes in the reservation, these factors may apply: A shift in fare/tax/fuel surcharge, Ticket service fee.

Japan Airlines Cancellation Charges: Domestic Sector 

The cancellation fee for domestic flights within Japan for most flights is ¥440 in case it is canceled before leaving. The Post-departure cancellation fee (if allowed) is ¥440 plus 20% of the fare (or higher). Likewise, the cancellation fees for Advance Purchase Fares and Transit Fares (7 and 28) will lean on when you cancel tickets.