Situated in the southern Portugal region, famous for its golden beaches and warm climate, Lagos is a perfect summer destination for all traveler enthusiasts. While planning a trip to Lagos Portugal, travelers will be in awe with its stunning coastal views and beaches, towering cliffs, and walled old town bathed in translucent water that is ready to submerge you in a world of nirvana.

This tremendous town is a personification of natural beauty and at large, is a collection of vivid and vast landscapes. Its rich history and huge popularity attract lots of visitors to Vagos and all kinds of it, from family vacation to friends and couple vacation. The city has everything, kids can simmer under the sun & can be as carefree as the sun, cobblestone streets and photogenic squares for explorers and for adventurers, cliff climbing to engage their pique.

Stunning rock formations, vibrant culture, picturesque roads, here are some majestic takeaways from Lagos city.


Check Out The List of 6 Best Things To Do In Lagos

From Praia da Luz to Ponta da Piedade, enjoy a scenery hike

An 8-mile hike en route, Praia da Luz to Ponta da Piedade is the final piece to the fisherman’s trail. Here, travelers start on Praia da Luz beach that takes them into a steep trail climb picturesque magnificent views of the Atlantic, Algarve coastline, and the Luz village.

Then making a stoppage at Praia do Porto de Mos, the Lagos second largest beach, and afterward arriving at the final puzzle of their hike i.e. Ponta da Piedade. During the hike, travelers will be able to do a lot of recreational activities affixed at certain points to gauge up traveler experience to new heights.

Lagon Old Town

Vivid cafes and houses, old walls submerged in history, cobbled streets, and colorful buildings, depicting purely of what we have heard and seen about Portugal. This old town has an archaic feeling to it, almost making travelers fall in love with the ambiance and old haziness of this city.

For voyagers, they can easily spend a day or two exploring this gorgeous city, its bright surf shops, cafes, and restaurants. Be sure to visit Slave Market Museum, the Forte Ponta da Bandeira or Igreja de Santo António for its historical roots.


Surfing is the one thing you just can’t go unattended, it’s the essence of Lagos. House to so many beaches on the west-south coast and main Lagos, not getting into the water is an absolute no!! Coming to Lagos and there are waves and waves of the ocean to immerse you in the pristine water which are ready to offshoot you into the world of Tomorrowland.

Lagos beaches are suitable for all abilities and if you live for surfing, these are your go-to places: Meia Praia, Praia do Amado, Praia da Arrifana, and Praia Da Luz.

Boat Tour

To truly feel the incredible coastline of Lagosand Algrave, the boat tour is the best way to do it. There are two options either rent your own boat or jump into the boat tour. In both cases, immersed the gorgeous rock formations and vast landscapes picturing the perfect oceans with your own eyes, feel face to face with the Ponte da Piedade.

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Rugged cliffs along the coastline are truly what set apart kayaking from the rest of the best things to do in Lagos. Explore seascapes, mysterious caves, and tunnels jawed into the Atlantic coastline and in pristine water, fascinating red & yellow limestone touching the bottle green grass.

More so, water discoveries are most common there. One of the best places to relish the beauty of Lagos coastline and discoveries of secret beaches and caves underwater. Hire a kayak or tour on a guided tour to check out this place.

Praia Do Camilo

A hot spot to sunbathe yourself, Praia do Camilo is towered by the rising orange cliffs and beach sand to unlock all your hinges and relax travel jitterings. This Lagos beach is pretty popular, one of the 6 things to do in Lagos and early birds, of course, get to decide a spot for their liking. Located 1.2 miles south of the town center, its passage is facilitated by the wooden staircase and a tunnel via the ochre limestone rocks.

Secludedness is one of the reasons why this beach is so visited and is considered one of the irresistible things to do in Lagos, Portugal. 


How To Travel To Lagos


By Plane

The nearest airport is Faro(FAO) and is only an hour's drive away from Lagos town. Another option is Libson international airport from which Lagos is 2hr 46 minutes drive away.

Bus and Train 

Lisbon offers both bus and train routes to Lagos and is considerable if you look into the frugal part. The bus option is a direct route to Lagos whereas the train route may require a change of trains. For roundtrip, the average fare is 34 euros and 17 euros in case of a single way.

Best Place To Stay In Lagos

Lagos in all is a small town that can be covered pretty much on cobblestones. It’s easy to get around and consider a palace to stay in, it all depends on your day’s plan.

  • For weekend break and party night, the old town is your go-to place

  • For surfers, Lagos city is paradise and they would want to cover all waves. So they can stay in any part of this city.

  • And if you are an old junkie and prefer van life experience over anything, Paraque de Campsimo da Trindade is your go-to place.

Suntrap Hostel

Budgeted and fit to accommodate travelers all needs. It is situated on the beachfront in Lagos and comes with a sun terrace. Prices start at 34 dollars [per night] and offer a shared lounge and shared kitchen.

Cascade Wellness Resort

Located near Porto de Mos Beach, Cascade hotel is a lavish resort that offers villas and apartments. It offers several utilities to suit traveler experience including spacious lounges & dining halls, a spa facility, gym, and a sports hub. Prices start at $145 per night.

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