There are many cities which will surprise you, make you astonished at their beautiful structures. However, some cities find it hard to justify its cost. These are the cities on the list that are the most expensive places for both locals and tourists!


List Of Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World

So make sure you plan accordingly, save some and enjoy the tour. Here is list of Ten Most Expensive Cities in the World .


New York City

New York City, in the USA, its expensive nature is not a shock to anyone as people have entirely adjusted to the fact that it is costly due to costly designers, new and unique food quality, and other exciting things have to offer. Travelers find it hard to find excellent hotels under their budget.


London is just like NYC for both locals and travelers. It makes the local’s work hard for just one-bedroom apartment and people who wish to travel round have to pay a fortune to be near the tourist spots.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, has its currency and its laws. While it may not be too expensive in the world, it sure has proved to be pricey for the locals. There is limited space at an expensive cost. People who wish to find luxurious hotels, expensive shopping will have no problem finding these here in this bustling metropolis.


Zurich, according to the UBS, is one of the expensive cities for people who wish to reside in a convenient location. People who travel find that hotels are a bit too costly but find it fascinating because of their art, food, and culture.


Geneva comes after Zurich and has been taken as one of the most expensive cities due to its accommodation. These prices will hurt who wish to visit as the locals earn pretty good here to experience a comfortable living. If you plan on visiting, make sure you save enough as it may be surprisingly heavy on your pockets.


Singapore, in southern Malaysia, is ranked as the most expensive city in EUI, but it does not show its trail in the UBS. It has attracted people from all around the world, and it reflects that people who live here have excellent financial standards. But people who visit have to make sure they save, but their downtown also has places that are cheap and student-friendly.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is in the USA and is a place where everyone wants to live. It’s a place of action, many celebrities live here, so if you wish to find accommodation here, make sure you save or buy a little inexpensive place far off from the city. It is not impossible to travel around this city, but the car is a more convenient option here.


Paris, a city of lights, is terrific for both residents and tourist s and irrespective of its prices the most visited city in the world. Property here is highly-priced, but it is said it’s all worth it once you visit because of its culture and art that it has to offer. Delicious cuisines, great architecture, small corners, and a little space are quite enough for anyone to explore the authentic culture and authenticity of this place. Save some bucks and make sure you add Paris to your go-to sites, and it cannot be missed.


Luanda is Angola’s capital and is known for its pricey living because the Americans have shifted here for the oil industry, and due to which the economy has boomed. People live easily, but tourists have to pay a lot for their accommodation. It is pricey to shop, stay and eat here in Angola, surprisingly.


Oslo is one of the European cities but has full potential to make the visitors s well a residents drain their pockets as it lists itself in the most expensive cities of the world. The rent, food, and beverages have been imported and also costly; if you wish to have cheaper options, you can visit the outskirts of the own and find something which is financially tolerable. The city is full of wonders and cannot be missed, so plan you are itinerary and make sure you budget it out by staying in budget-friendly accommodations as the city is worth exploring.