Some people like to explore historical places and some travel for relaxing and winding down. But some people travel for partying only.


Here is a list of Top 10 Places for Party Lovers in the World :


Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a major hub of partying. It is filled with tourists traveling for going out and clubbing. Khao San road, the ex-pat Bars, Patpong or Chinatown. Bangkok has something in store for everyone. From relaxing spas to wild parties at night.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of owls, here the clubs will not be jammed packed till 2 am and will be busy till dawn. It is definitely not for people who do not love to party hard. Tourists can talk to the locals and mingle around. Barcelona is also known for clear, bright, and nice weather and roaming around Barri Gothic. Hotels usually have rooftop bars and can be thoroughly enjoyed both during day and night because of the perfect weather.

Rome, Italy

There are plenty of bars and hip clubs where you can meet people and wildly party. You often would get pretty friendly ad meet other travelers as well. Pub crawl tours are a great way to meet new people while partying and it is quite common in Rome. While Romans themselves are a bit too disciplined, the backpacker party scene definitely does get crazy.

Prague, Czech Republic

Cheap flights to cheap stays and the most favorite part of it all, Cheap alcohol! Prague has it all. It might not have the most wild and notorious parties but it surely knows how to light up the nightlife. The clubs are jammed and if you wish to have a wild hostel party then stay at the Mad House.

Miami, Florida

Miami is not known for being cheap but it definitely is worth going to if you want to have a fun time because this city knows how to party. Amazing clubs, Great music, great dancing and you might even run into some celebrity. Even if you are a bit tight on the budget like a backpacker budget, Miami will not take much from you to make you feel it’s worth it!

Sydney, Australia

Aussies know how to throw a party, usually, hostels organize great parties regularly which are pretty open and welcoming of newcomers or travelers with a drink, of course!

And if you are not comfortable with such wild hostel parties, you will still find good crowds in clubs and bars. Aussies love to party, they will make sure you do too. Delta airline fly to Sydney frequently and you can get attractive deals on flight booking. So customer can book Delta Airlines Tickets to Sydney in affordable prices.


Things to See and Do in Sydney:

  • Ferry to Manly Beach
  • Take the Town Hall tour
  • Go to the museums
  • Visit the Hunter Valley
  • Do a coastal walk


Ios, Greece

Ios is one of the wildest places in Greece, You cannot talk about parties and not mention Greece. The people who travel to Ios come with a goal of getting heavily drunk at night and sleeping on the beaches. It is brimming with pubs and bars and bar crawls, which will make you drink and also play weird games all night!

Bali (Kuta), Indonesia

Bali is not only a place to wind down but also a place for foam parties. Foam parties are usually known for being pretty exciting and fun parties at night. In the morning after you are done relaxing in the sun and dipping in the beaches, nights will become more fun and wild for anyone who loves to party. It is advisable that you leave your belongings in your rooms as it might get a little wilder than what you might have imagined about Bali.

Florianopolis, Brazil

Florianopolis is known for its famous pool parties along with the hostels. Everything is stunning here including weather, people, and parties. People love to bar crawl here with travelers, people are friendly and newcomers will not feel even a bit uncomfortable partying in this city.


Things to See and Do in Florianópolis:

  • Experience the nightlife
  • Try sandboarding
  • Visit Riberão da Ilha
  • Visit the old forts
  •  Celebrate Carnival


Ko Phangan, Thailand

It organizes full moon parties every month that starts from dusk and ends till dawn, jungle parties, half-moon parties, and also people getting extremely wild on the beaches. It throws the biggest and the wildest parties in the region. Book United Airlines Tickets to Thailand now.


Other Destinations That Are Also Recommended In the List:

  • Montreal, Canada
  • Las Vegas, USA
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
  • Queenstown, New Zealand

If you are looking forward to relaxing and partying hard then these are top 10 Places for Party Lovers in the World . Lose your work brain at home and enjoy these amazing parties!