Circumnavigating the planet and stopping off wherever you fancy is the ultimate trip for any kind of traveller. But have you ever wondered how long it takes to plan a world trip, here is a very rough estimation that if you’re planning on visiting several destinations along the way, it will take a maximum of three months but if you wish to travel the world as fast as possible , only 40 days are required.

When it comes to booking your trip, there are several options for booking your airfare, as well as flexibility on timing, destinations and budget. But don't let that bury you – start here with our convenient guide on how to start that round-the-world trip you’ve always dreamed of.

The most economical and feasible way to detour around the world is by buying the Round-the-world ticket via a single airline alliance. There are three primary airline alliances that you can choose for this trip and these are: Star Alliance, OneWorld and Skyteam. After you're done figuring out the airlines that you want to fly in with, the next step is to find out in what direction you want to start your trip, as a believing fact, you must start from one global direction i.e.; east or west and no backtracking. You must also start and finish in the same country and even book all the flights before the departure.


Now that you're done with two highlights of your trip, the next step is to plan on how many weeks or months you will need.  You can either finish this trip in a weekend if you fly non-stop as many airlines have this offer too. Yet, the minimum duration of this trip will be 10 days which still will be a breathless ramp. Although it is never a good or a bad day to start any trip. The weather will never be ideal especially when you’re out and planning on taking a trip, so it's totally on you how you plan on visiting in the first place and what you can save for the last. Research ahead of time if any must-see destinations or must-do activities will mean facing crowds.

Now the last question pops up, which one should be your first place to start off? The classic and the cheapest tickets Round the World tickets flick between a few big cities. The cost of the ticket is also based on the total distance covered or the number of countries visited. And the cheat sheet for planning this Round the World trip, set your budget, spend more time in less expensive countries and plan budget city breaks along the way. You might spend more in metros like Paris, Dubai and San Francisco than in Nusa Tenggara, Budapest and Buffalo. 


Tips & Tricks and Pitfalls of Round The World Trip

Do the possible reading and research before starting your journey, you might have an itinerary already planned but asking someone who's already been out in the world will provide you a different and better alternative in your plans.

  • Be Flexible: moving your departure date by a few days can save money. Mid-week flights are generally low-cost, as are flights on major holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Day. Avoid days and times popular with business travellers to escape higher prices and more crowded cabins.

  • Think About Internal Travel: it can be inexpensive to book internal flights at the same time as booking your Round the World ticket, but with the worldwide increase of low-cost airlines, you may find it better (and more flexible) to buy them separately as you go.

  • Be Warned: if you donʼt board one of your booked flights, your airline is likely to cancel all subsequent flights.

No matter where you start from, that overwhelming feeling creeps in when you plan all the nitty-gritty details on a months-long trip around the world, knowing that a rough route suffices. All you truly need before you leave home is logistics for the first couple of weeks—you can easily sort out the rest on the road. So without thinking twice, you can now set yourself out and start working on that trip that you’ve always dreamed off. We here at have made it all easy for the traveller in you to take that Round the World trip today.