With the outbreak of dreadful Coronavirus disease, travelling almost became a life-risking task for everyone. However, after the few consecutive months of lockdown, finally, the imposed restrictions on travelling lift up. However, the increasing number of cases visibly proves the existing danger around, and so one needs to be extremely careful and choosy in selecting the mode of transport. Believe it or not, but Air transport is the best mode of travelling right now as it is time-saving, cost-efficient, and most importantly it fulfils all your safety requirements. Amongst all other Airlines, Delta has gained considerable importance and popularity amongst the passenger due to its launching and strict implementation of compulsory safety rules to protect its passengers from the terrible effects of coronavirus. So, Delta has taken safety measures On Domestic And International Flights

It has severely taken some critical steps and has planned to implement a few strict but productive plans for both national and international flights. To travel during the covid times, one needs to be extremely sure about their safety. You can surely travel with Delta Airlines to be a part of a safe, hygienic and non-chaotic travelling experience. However, before you start making any plans, you are expected to check out the Delta Airlines Flights Details to avoid trouble that might occur in future. You can also check out the details of the safety measure taken by Delta Airlines for your own satisfaction.


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Check out the Significant Safety Measures Followed by Delta Airlines

Sanitization of the Airport:
Delta Airlines provides top-notch facilities to all its passengers even during this tuff time. Undeniably it has taken the impressive initiative to sanitize the entire premises of the airport. Every bag, touchpoints including the elevator and escalator would be correctly sanitized to avoid any sort of mishap.

Checking at the gates:
Once you are at the airport, experienced staffs of Delta Airlines would check your temperature just at the gate. If the body temperature of any passenger is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more than the airport staffs would deny your boarding as per the rules. Just at the gate, you would find electrostatic sprays for disinfecting the gate areas. The passengers are expected to follow the extensive cleaning checklist of Delta Airlines.

Sanitizing of Inner Cabins:
The careful and aware team of Delta keeps the safety of its passengers as its top priority. The team works to completely sanitize each aircraft, including the corners with the help of electrostatic spraying. The process takes place before the departure, including wiping off the tray tables and also the screens attached to the seat.

Synchronized Boarding process:
Usually, the boarding area is crowded as the passengers rush to get their boarding pass instantly, but now the scene has changed. The renowned team of Delta Airline makes sure to conduct the distribution of boarding passes to their passengers in a systematic way by maintaining the most important rule of social distancing. The rule is the boarding proceeds for ten passengers at a time in order to reduce the contact with others. In fact, the passengers would receive the snack bags with a sanitizing wipe at the boarding counter to avoid contact at the touchpoints. If you wish to avoid any kind of confusion, you can also check out the details and get your tickets at Delta Airlines Reservations for advanced booking.

Limitations and reduction:
Every Flight would cover only 60% of its capacity as the middle seats are unavailable for booking. Along with that, the recirculation of the Air on the aircraft is maximized to 10 to 30 times per hour with fare share via HEPA filters.


Introduction of Delta Clean Standard:

Not only just the passengers but even the Delta Flight Attendants are expected to wear a mask all the time.
• Along with that, all the flights would undergo ‘interior Fogging’ overnight which is used by Delta since a long time even to disinfect the international flights
• The extensive Checklist Cleaning process would be repeated before every flight. It includes properly disinfecting the various touchpoints, tray tables, armrests, seatbacks pockets
• Complete Spot Checks by the experienced and knowledgeable customer service agents to check out whether the flight up to Delta Clean Standard.
• The experts are available to guide the passengers or clear the doubts.
Delta Airlines ensures A+ service to all its customers by providing safe, secure and a comfortable journey. Get your Delta Airlines Tickets Reservations now to experience a convenient journey even during the Covid times. Delta Airlines welcomes you to enjoy a hassle-free journey without any chaos. In case of any trouble, the experts and technicians are present to help you and resolve all your problems. So, follow Delta safety points on Domestic And International Flights