You’re probably familiar with the name Washington, DC. The capital city of the United States and there’s no lie in that, you can find all sorts of historically and culturally significant sights within it. Washington State offers both a bustling, hip urban scene and virtually untouched islands, bays, mountains, and parks. The state also has spirited displays and there are art galleries and museums all over the state.

There are other parts of the city. However, it's home to everything from quirky little shops and boutiques to sprawling wilderness reserves filled with waterfalls and hundred year -old oak trees.


It is more diverse than you think, so without talking much, let's start listing the places that will make you want to go to Washington.

  • The first place that you will want to visit in Washington DC is the National Mall. In movies, postcards and even in some dramas you might have had a glimpse of this majestic beauty. It's time to see it through your eyes in real life. The National Mall is one of the big points of interest in Washington, DC. 

  • More than 167 million items, the Library of Congress is the second largest library in the world. Its shelves hold everything from fragile, to rare to contemporary records for popular music. It also brags maps, texts, photographs, paintings, and just about everything else that a nerd could want. Out of the three buildings that this library has, the most famous is probably the Thomas Jefferson Building with its elaborate, golden-toned central reading room, but all of them are worth a visit. Special events are often held at the library as well.

  • The fruits here are garden- fresh and the flowers here are full of fragrance, the jewellery stands shimmers when the sun rays fall on it and there you see the Eastern Market. Coming out of an old brick building as a hybrid indoor/outdoor shopping space, the Eastern Market is one of the oldest of its kind in Washington, DC. It’s open every day of the week but Monday, and it offers a constant rotation of farmers, florists, artists, butchers, blacksmiths, jewellers, booksellers and more. The Eastern Market is one of the most fun things to do in Washington, DC

  • The show must go on, as the Ford’s Theatre says.  Although the venue s small and cosy, it still has things from the 80’s

    Including red carpets and gold-railings. It still has that throwback atmosphere that’ll make you feel like you’re stepping back into the era. It is the best place to learn everything about lincoln. Quite literally, it's one of a kind experience here.

  • Shop in the spring and boat in the summer. Bike in the fall and ice skate in the winter. That's what Washington harbour is about. This place has activities for all seasons, with the vibe like this, it welcomes vacationers from all over the place for every season. 

  • Heurich House Museum looks just like some ordinary palace, but it's victorian-style architecture which includes unique passage, wide windows and spire-topped towers and everything that you can think of from an gothic style building. It was built by a European immigrant and it still now stands as a tribute for the turn-of-the-century.

  • Riverfront Park in Spokane is a great specimen of the way that various world fairs and expos have formed Washington all over the past. The Expo 74 was in charge for the transformation of industrial train yards to green vistas in Spokane and a stop by to the area now permits the  guests to witness some of the remarkable buildings from the interpretation including the Looff Carousel and the Skyride. In winter there is also an ice rink in the area.

  • The Washington State Ferries are not just any mode of transportation, they are the most tranquil way of enjoying the both- mountain and water. There are major waterfront in the downtown Seattle area as well as Mukilteo, Clinton and Bainbridge Island.

  • Driving through Mount St Helens National Monument provides a distinctive and spectacular perspective of the damage caused at the time of the 1980 eruption and also a glance into the amazing relieving abilities of nature. The visitor’s centres at the Monument are top quality and do a great job of explaining the natural phenomena that occurred during the eruption through different sources.

  • Known as the “nation’s museum”, the National Gallery of Art is regarded as one of the best in the US. And it stands right in the heart of Washington. It has the East and the West buildings. The East Building is fabricated with pink marble and a sharp, almost angular bent that has things like open rooftop terraces and sky-lit atrium galleries and the West Building has white columns in a grandeur constructive style resonating ancient Greece, so it goes back to the past even. A trip to the National Gallery of Art is one of the best places to do things to do in Washington, DC.