The Covid-19 restrictions are finally taking a backseat but precautions are important for the second wave. 2020 was all about making plans and waiting for everything to settle down. We have seen enough videos of people travelling here and there before the pandemic and it’s time to put yourself in the travel gear! Be it your honeymoon, family vacation, going back to your family if you were stuck somewhere or the trendy new concept of ‘Workcation’ for the people who are tired of working from home and want to take a fresh aspect in the lap of nature.


Here are a few things you should keep in your mind while you travel to your Destination without violating the norms and your health:


Personal Protective Kit  

PPE Kit is a piece of clothing to be worn over your clothes like a gown which is designed to protect you against any kind of viruses, bacteria or infections which can be harmful to your health and which can have a close encounter with your mouth/eyes/nose. The hazards that can be protected by PPE kits are electric, physical, heat, chemicals, biohazards and airborne particulate matter. A PPE is your head-to-toe Armour to protect you from being a contributing part of this pandemic.


Face Masks

Wearing a face mask is a divine act in everyone’s Favour because when you wear a mask you not only save yourself from the infections but also saving the world from getting infected. Although masks are not a substitute for social distancing or any kind of abstinence.  Another tip, Face masks also save your skin from dirt and pollution and keep your skin glowing so that you can click your pictures like a PRO/ Instagram blogger during the journey.



The traditional way is the best to prevent infections is by washing your hands with soap and water. Doctors all over the world recommend frequently washing your hands with an effective antibacterial soap. The sanitiser can be used in case you have no access to water a soap but the sanitiser still have chances to let bacteria into your skin instead of washing it off nicely.



The knight in the shining Armour because of the Coronavirus breakout. The ideal sanitiser for this pandemic should consist of between 75- 95% of alcohol for better results. The sanitiser is very harsh for your hands so we would suggest you choose a hydrating sanitiser that doesn’t leave your hands dry and making them less rough.


Disinfectant Wipes

The disinfectant wipes are for the surfaces where the liquid sanitiser can’t be used like shoes, electronics, tables, seats, holders, and most importantly washrooms and taps.


Personal Water bottle

Not to mention ‘The Elixer of Life’ carrying your water bottle is the best option. Avoiding long queues and maintaining social distancing at the Aircraft or the Airport.


A Clean towel

A Clean towel or any piece of clothing is better than the paper napkins we use after washing our hands because the dispenser is touched by many. So, it’s always a better option not to touch the things which are for public use in this case.


Small Medical kit

For Covid-19 pandemic like this one must be carrying a little first aid kit with them that includes paracetamol, anti-inflammatory painkillers, antacids and antiseptic cream that will solve the purpose of not going for little things to the health workers.


Purchase a Travel Insurance

As the name suggests that travel insurance provides you with all the medical evacuation in a situation of an emergency. It also covers the cost of your trip in case your flight is delayed or cancelled and also covers up in case of loss of any luggage. We would suggest you get the insurance that has Covid-19 benefits to it. For safe travel in the United States, we would recommend you to travel from Delta Airlines as it is the cleanest airline as per a survey conducted by our customer support team.



Prevention is always better than cure and prevention is the only option when we don’t have a definite cure for a certain disease. Travelling is safe only if you are taking care of yourselves and those around you. Covid-19 is all about the unity we play in keeping ourselves out and the people we travel with safe. We would also suggest keeping yourselves quarantined till a week after you travel in the public interest.