Divers will go far and wide to discover the right diving opportunities. But there is still plenty of great diving on their doorstep for those who live in the United States, with ample access to the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some of the best scuba diving sites in the United States from the warm water beaches to the temperate waters.  So, lets start reading about top 5 places for Scuba Diving.

These are Top 5 Places for Scuba Diving



The national underwater sanctuary of Monterey Bay is home to the Point Lobos State Marine Conservation Reserve, California’s wealthiest marine sanctuary. This uncluttered environment, especially the Whaler Cover and the Bluefish Cove, not permitting more than 30 divers per day, requires advance reservations online. This dive restriction offers you a spectacular spot with different sightseeing activities, such as harbour seals, abalones, leopard sharks and rock cod, you can not find in other Coliforms. Usually, temperatures are favourable all year long, and navigation is simple due to the parallel rock formations at the cove. During the day, search for eels, shrimp and youthful fish and watch for nudibranchs hunting during the night.



Catalina has many locations, but one of the best is Ship Rock. The site is situated just two miles from the coast and consists of garibaldi, Pacific octopus, leopard sharks and angel sharks floating between the kelp. The underwater topography of the Ship Rock offers pelagic bodies and canyons such as the sunfish and yellowtail tuna. This journey is worth visiting since the view is much better than the coast and the kelp forests are incredibly safe and very tall. This location is suitable for all diving levels, as its depth ranges between 20 and 135 feet (6 and 40 m) and visibility varies between 10 and 30 m (40 and 12 to 30 m). However, the temperature for water varies between 55 and 72 F (13 and 22 C), so you may want to find a drysuit or thick wetsuit.



The Channel Islands National Park, where cold nutrient-rich north streams combine with mild Southern waters, are found in the islands of San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa and Santa Barbara. The ecosystem of reliably strong visibility is incredibly biodiverse. In reality, because of the clarity of the water, many operators mainly cater to photographers. Sea lions and port seals are ready for a closeup, and many nudibranchs and garibaldi provide colourful shots. The dense, sumptuous forests of kelp provide a vast seascape and rays, colossal sea basses, black sea bass and small wrecks are likely to be found. Santa Rosa and San Miguel are the perfect places to go for the experienced divers, although the winds make the weather more difficult. The temperature of the water spectrum is between 55 and 70 F (13 and 21 C).



This area provides one of western Atlantic’s most comprehensive continuous reef services, 23 km from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Gulf Stream flows near the shore to ensure that 100 or more reef and wreck sites receive warm, clean water. Many reefs can be reached from coastal dives, which makes drifting fantastic as both reefs and mainstream tides flow parallel to the coast. Any diving activity in the surroundings will pick you up at the top and the end.

It’s typical to see a dozen or so tortoises with you riding the current from May to September. And the Blue Heron Bridge in West Palm Beach is one of the best shallow-water muck dives in the world. The surroundings are indeed an artificial reef. Only offshore is a string of wrecks in an aggressive river programme that involves three retired petroleum platforms named Tenneco Towers.



Smudges are the place to swim when you are interested in jellyfish diving. However, since it is slightly off the coast, you would need to contact a site operator to get to you. Although there can be seasonal jellies due to current movements and temperature fluctuations, you can see massive communities of innocuous moon jellies stretching to 80 feet in summer. If you do not dive into real Alaska, you will have a snow-covered glacier, waterfalls and possible grizzly bear sights in the high-fjord. You can book cheap flights tickets with firstflytravel anytime.