For people who cannot satiate their appetite with one or two cocktails, Australia is your place to be. You will find numerous harbor front establishments blooming in the once miserable drinking scene of the Australian cities. The strong coffee-loving and culinary culture of Australia is also home to the world’s best mixologists and bartenders.

From low-lit European-style bars to voodoo themed bars, there are plenty of choices to suit your mood, taste, and budget. Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Australia with us to enjoy a drink in these bars.


Here is a list of the Five Finest Bars in Australia

1.    The Gresham, Brisbane

The Gresham is as majestic on the inside as its sandstone front suggests. The variety of over 100 whiskeys is outstanding, as are the cocktails. Sample the “Death and Taxes”, an Irish whiskey that contains Apple, Pineapple, honey, walnut, ginger and is served in a cloud of smoke or the “Gresham Lane” which is a beautiful amalgamation of cherry cola, lime, rye whiskey, and vanilla ice cream.

Recline on a Chesterfield sofa in front of the wooden cabinets and shelves, stuffed with curiosity. If you want to stay for longer you can book your stay at the Manor Apartment hotel, which is just a 1-minute jaunt, away from the Gresham.

2.    Above Board, Melbourne

Melbourne’s Above Board, the brainchild of the award-winning Hayden Lambert, is not your next-door cocktail bar. For starters, you can make your entry out the back by Chopper Lane or through the back of Beermash which is a posh beer bar, located in Collingwood.

Once you are inside, do not get surprised by the large “timber island in the middle of a room”. The room has twelve seats and only one bartender, that being Lambert himself, you will be in for an intimate experience, sampling his dry sense of humor and amazing cocktail mastery.

At this prime Fitzroy location, you can also relax and enjoy at the outdoor pool at Melbourne Metropole Central, which is just a few-minute walk away from Above Board.

3.    Lobo Plantation, Sydney

This subterranean style bar in Sydney is named after the Cuban sugar tycoon, Julio Lobo. This bar is an authentic tribute to all things rum and sugar. The bar is decked out with bentwood bar stools, rattan chairs, patterned emerald-green wallpaper, banana palms, and wooden shutters.

The bar is home to the choicest of rums and expertly prepared cocktails. The favorites that one must try, include White Negroni Daquiri which is a beautiful amalgamation of cane syrup, dark rum, and Angostura bitters, topped by the Apple juice float. Also, do not forget to try the Jamaican Julep.

You can book your stay at the QT Sydney, an amazing hotel, which is just a 4-minute walk away from the Lobo plantation.

4.    Bulletin Place, Sydney

The Bulletin Place is an intimate little attic space, located just above a café in Sydney’s CBD. Although, the interiors look a bit low-key, with botanical prints, dark wooden floors, and rolls of brown butcher paper on the walls to note down the day’s drinks, but the bartenders here are maestros in their art of stirring up a mean cocktail. Some of the bar’s specials include Strawberry Bee that includes smashed strawberries with Montenegro, gin, lemon, and honey.

Book your stay at the Establishment hotel and do not forget to sample the cocktails at the in-house Gin garden and Ivy bar.

5.    Everleigh, Melbourne

The place is a low-lit, intimate and seductive space, and is like a summarization of the Great Gatsby-like charm. 

The Everleigh boasts of a luxurious décor with glass cabinets, leather-bound booths, wood-paneled walls, black and white tiled floors, and curious taxidermy and trinkets. Beneath the wall-hangings and vintage chandeliers, the staples are mixed to perfection by the bartending maestros.

Honeysuckle which is an amalgamation of lime and honey, beautifully concocted with light rum is a must try. You can also ask the Bartender’s to make the flavors of your choice.

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You can book your stay at the Tribeca Serviced Apartments which just a few-minute walk away from the Everleigh, to relax at the swimming pool and delve into the amazing flavors.

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