Top 8 Destinations You Should Go in 2020

Top 8 Destinations You Should Go in 2020

If you have decided to travel more this year but struggling to shortlist your next destination to flock on. Surely there’s an easier way than trawling through endless travel magazines and guidebooks in search of a perfect place to visit for you. Here we are proving you the list of some most popular and quintessential destinations, which you should visit this year to explore your all-inclusive activities. To plan your itinerary in an affordable yet exclusive way search for Delta Airlines Reservations and Book a Delta Flight  to avail amazing discounts and offers on your airfare.  Here we are summarizing the list of top 8 destinations you should go in 2020.

So, These are Top 8 Destinations You Should Go in 2020


This surprising and opulent desert city is a perfect destination for wanderlust in the months of March, since the temperature haven’t reached at its peak and pleasant weather allows distinctions of outdoor activities for travelers. Apart from that, Dubai is stored with the endless activities to offer its visitors including from the majestic trips to man-made islands carved like tropical palm trees and soak up awe-inspiring vistas from the great heights of the Burj Khalifa, to some of the world’s most enormous shopping malls, thriving casinos to bustling streets. Along with these, the desert safari, and world famous belly dance are some signature identity of Dubai, which amazed you with the unlimited fun and enjoyment.


Known for its world best cigars and vintage cars, this Caribbean giant is an intricate mélange of history, culture and cuisine. Home to reef-lined white sand shiny beaches, turquoise water and amazing natural diversity Cuba attract the hordes of tourists from each corner of the world around the year. Havana’s old town, listed in the world heritage sites, which evoke the feel of time frozen city as well as Cuba’s lush countryside and sublime islands have played host to millions of travelers round the year. Along with these superbly gifted sites and monuments Cuba has stored multiple beaches for snorkeling, lush landscapes and majestic verdant mountains.


Whether you are on an expedition of adventure, culture or nightlife, Trinidad is a perfect destination for you to land on. Including from the cosmopolitan streets of Port-of-Spain to the calm and splendid beaches of Trinidad, the city has stored distinction of activities for all sorts of travelers from each corner of the world.  Whether it is the natural diverse, multicultural life-style or the folk concerts and special events around the year, the city is stuffed with the plenty of activities to engage the travelers. Apart from that, the country serves some of exclusive and unparallel activities to the travelers who flocked down such as- the jaw-dropping natural wonders, endless beaches of shiny-sands and tropical rain forests made this place a perfect destination for millions of travelers from each corner of the world. 


Home to the Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza, and the tombs of iconic rulers in the Valley of the Kings, the mythology and mystery city Egypt is a live museum for cultural explorer and wanderlusts.  If you love water sports, swimming and snorkeling Egypt offers you some wonderful water driven activities. Apart from these outstanding sites, you can also make your way through the maze-like marketplace of Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili Bazaar to shop some amazing and world famous glass lanterns, jewellery and other traditional trinkets. You may also visit the two enormous rock temples of Abu Simbel to refresh your aesthetic senses.


One of the perennial tourist destinations of the world, Brazil is a country of powdery white-sand beaches, verdant rainforests and brimming metropolises. The endless attractions of Brazil extend from remnant colonial towns to the ragged landscapes of red-rock canyons, which compel travelers to opt Brazil as their favorite tourists’ destinations.  The country has unmatched collection of flora and fauna and animal species to attract the nature lovers and explore its vibrant diversity. Home to idyllic Sun City, Pão de Açúcar, Rio, majestic Iguaçu Falls and wanderlusts favorite, Salvador, Brazil is a thriving destination for tourists from all walks of life.  Brazil is one of the Top 8 Destinations You Should Go in 2020.


The intricate cultural mélange and diverse life-style of Mexico made it a heaven destination for cultural explorers. Known for its electrifying and thriving cultural celebrations, Mexico is home to distinctions of world’s wonderful sites, timeworn historic monuments and affluent biodiversity. The travelers from each corner of the world flock down to explore the luxurious resorts on the Caribbean and cultural bonanza of its cities as well as states. Apart from these unparallel attractions, Mexico has much to offer to its visitors including from world famous Caribbean Carnival festivals to the endless beach activities.


The plains of bluegrass, snow covered mountain peaks, endless stretched sandy-beaches, amazing redwood forests and what not, if you are in the USA, you may experience the taste of variety of activities, which made this majestic country a most visited tourists destinations in the world. The land of brimming metropolitan cities, Dazzling streets of Times Square, magnificent Great Canyon and Big open skies, the US is a dream destination for all sorts of travelers and explorers. While exploring America you will find that it’s rather a club of all the intricate, exotic and adorn tourists’ destination as well as an endless art gallery of cultural heritage.  


Acclaimed as a country of sun, sea, sand and ancient cultural heritage, Jamaica has its unique soundtrack and cultural symphony to attract travelers from all walks of life. Going beyond its classic identity, Jamaica offers lots more to the tourist who is obsessed with Tennis, golf and equestrian sports including water sports of all sorts. For those who love and adore diversity in nature, Jamaica is a paradise destination for them since the island offers a wide range of flora-fauna and animal species. So, if you are planning to flock on a vacation, but yet not decided about where to go, then search for a Delta Airlines Reservations and Book a Delta Flight for any of these top 8 amazing destinations you should go in 2020 to avail the cheaper offers and discounts on your airfare.

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