Thinking of getting a refund for your United Airlines tickets that you have? Here in this blog, we have included all the information that you will need to get a refund by United Airlines. United Airlines understands that despite being making all the plans in advance people can come under certain circumstances where they may need to cancel out all the plans and have to go with the flow and you need to cancel your bookings and want a refund. 

United Airlines Flight Cancellation & Refund Policy


The refund policy by the United airlines comprises of the following:

  • All the tickets will be 100% refunded if the cancellation is done within 24 hours of booking.

  • If the tickets are booked under any specific category/offer the discount will not be refunded.

  • The basic Economy tickets are not applicable for may last moment changes and refund mostly.

  • The refund in Credit cards is processed within seven working days.

  •  Your refund amount will be initiated to the original mode of payment.

  • In case of partial refunds, the passengers will get an e-credit that could be redeemed within 60 days. 



In case you booked an outing with a refundable choice, you can United Airlines Refund Policy to the Aircraft after officially dropping your appointments and applying for refund. Your ticket ought to have been purchased with cash, a check or a charge card. Whether or not you're searching for a discount on the tickets or for an unused booking like a Wi-Fi pass, you ought to balance a design to apply for a discount or E-credit.



Non-refundable tickets are not equipped for a refund; in any case, you can get E-credit worth the worth of the ticket. The E-credit can be reclaimed in a future United flight booking. Exceptional cases on non-refundable tickets: If there's a death of a direct relation, companion or explorer of the non-refundable ticket, you can request a discount under United Airlines approach.



Generally non-refundable tickets can fit the bill for a refund in specific spontaneous circumstances that can't be constrained by the traveler, including:

  • Death of the passenger, their close relative, or the travel partner.

  • Jury obligation commitments only by the government departments corresponding with the dates of the arranged tickets

  • Certain health related issues during the pandemic

Assuming that you present a solicitation for a discount in view of one of these, you should uphold it with appropriate documentation.



After the free 24 hours refund frame crosses, you'll have to approach through a completely different process to avail the refund by United Airlines. The passengers with a refundable ticket can introduce a  United Refund policy for your setting up for the site by visiting The Non-refundable ticket holders can in likewise use a comparable design to cancel their flight tickets and apply for an E-credit. You'll need to enter your first and last name and the 13-digit booking id or Reference number that is on the ticket or receipt from when you recently purchased your ticket.

United Airlines Delegates are open 24 hours out of every day, seven days out of each week to help you with your Refund demand.



You can go for a Refund to your booking by cancelling your ticket and applying online within 24 hours of booking, at no extra expense. Visit or dispatch you MileagePlus application then, at that point: 

  • Either sign in and select My Trips, or just in case if you don’t have your United Account, select Find Your Trip. 

  • Select the flight you need to drop and tap on the Cancel Flight button. 

  • Then, at that point, follow the means to present a United’s Refund demand.