When we think of the one thing that we all are loyal to all our lives, chocolate is our only partner that gives us an insane amount of guilty pleasure along with health benefits. There is a saying that if four out of five people like chocolate, the last one is a liar. Chocolate is a blissful delicacy and should be cherished forever! Let’s read those Top 10 Countries For All You Chocolate Lovers.


Here Are The Top 10 Countries For All You Chocolate Lovers!

Some of us travel for culture, some for relaxing, and some of you even for trying out different types of chocolates. Traveling for chocolate is one of the most common trips people take to sample chocolate around the world.


Switzerland is a place known for manufacturing and selling chocolate around the world. The prominent place is in Zurich, the heart of chocolate production. You must have heard about Lindt & Sprungli chocolate factory, which is like a dream chocolate factory, as shown by Charlie in the chocolate factory. IT gives you entertaining tours and rides which will excite your chocolate craving brain. Switzerland is good place for vacation you can book flight tickets to Switzerland with FFT at minimum price.  


If you are a chocoholic, then you definitely cannot miss the Hot chocolate Mayan style where it was invented. It sure is a beverage that you will remember forever! Mayan-style hot chocolate is thick and bittersweet, added with chili peppers. And Mexico is one of the best place for party lovers because people of Mexico Also, not to be missed is the:

  1. Cocoa Museum,
  2. Cocoa Haciendas or
  3. Plantations of Comalcalco in the state of Tabasco.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, here you can visit popular chocolate cafeterias known as churrerias. It is usually bustling during breakfast time and has the best hot chocolate and churros, which is like a long waffle stick. The description should have made all the chocolate lovers crazy. Real Madrid is the famous football club of the world.  

Hershey, Pennsylvania, The USA

Hershey, rightly known for the best and the sweetest chocolate place. You can have the famous Hershey’s chocolate and visit Hershey museum and hotel Hershey and resort of Hershey park, which has a chocolate spa! Unbelievable and drool-worthy!.

Turin, Italy

Cioccolatoo calto made in Turin cannot be missed out by chocoholics as generously added whipped cream and everything thick and bittersweet. The signature beverage here is Bicerin, hot chocolate, and espresso, and it is locally recommended.

Vienna, Austria

One of the most beautiful city of Europe. Vienna, Austria, is worth traveling for its delicious chocolate sponge cake with a wide variety of icing and toppings. Velvet desserts with a dollop of whipped cream are often served in the Hotels, and the tourists recommend Hotel Sacher for this dessert. The icing on the cake is the magical delicacy of the city’s architecture, from the Vienna State Opera to the Imperial Hofburg Palace.

Hunter Valley, Australia

Famous for tourism Australia and Hunter Valley, Australia, is a few hours away from Sydney and is a holy place for wine and chocolate lovers. You can visit Hunter Valley chocolate company which makes handmade chocolate and fudge. The other location for enticing and instagrammable chocolate are found in these places for delicious and savory chocolate that will make you want to visit here again!

  1. The Twenty-3-Twenty Chocolate
  2. The Fudge Factory, where the super high-quality Belgian chocolate.

Brussels, Belgium

You can discover Brussels and unravel why it is known to be the “chocolate capital of the world”. You won’t be disappointed, and you will find the Museum of Cocoa and chocolate. It has one of its kind Belgium chocolatiers per square foot than any other place in the world.

Bournemouth, England

If you are bored of eating chocolate normally, you should visit Bournemouth to breathe, eat and sleep chocolate. There are chocolate-themed rooms and cascading fountains which indulge chocolate lovers in unusual ways. You will feel amazing after visiting this place and chocolate will make your enjoyment double.

Paris, France

Does this place need any introduction to the world, I hope your answer will be in negative. Paris, France, has more than 300 chocolate shops and cute independent stores which are awarded artisans for chocolates. They are known for innovation and excellence. Dark chocolate is the most purchased in Paris and is a specialty. You cannot miss out on this if you’re visiting Paris; Paris also hosts a world chocolate championship that various artisans participate in and tourists love to sample their chocolates. Let chocolate exploration take you to different places in Paris. You might find something out of the box definitely which you would not want to miss!

Search, read and make your travel Plan, and definitely include your chocolate exploration spirit in your bucket list and tick off these beautiful places. These are top 10 Countries for Chocolate lovers across the globe. So most probably you have to visit these places if it are your wishes. For travel you can book Delta Airlines Tickets because they are providing affordable deals and offers.